Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stuck in Singapore!!

Everyone's going for a short break except me! :(

Patsy's going to BKK from 12th - 17th Aug.
Molly's going to Genting from 7th - 9th Aug.

Both of them jio-ed me along. Then Agnes called me last night, to jio me & ZY to Genting on 7th - 9th Aug too! OMG!! I'm soooooo tempted!

Becos on the 10th is the 1st day of lunar 7th month, ZY need to pray on 9th midnight so can't go.

Last Sat, we just had a minor arguement over the BKK trip. I wanted to join Patsy so much!

He brought up his objection lah! He said nobody looks after Raeann lah, nobody bring her to her piano lesson lah, blah blah blah. Becos 14th was a Sat & i asked him to bring Raeann to her piano class on that day (for once) but he got so much complaints! =,=

I was so angry lor! I told him if i'm dead, Raeann don't have to study anymore cos NOBODY will sent her to school!

But later at night, he thought it through. He said he'll arrange. HAHA!

But then the next day hor, he asked me not to go again cos it's 7th month!!! And he said after 7th month, he will bring us overseas. Hmm okay then. Listen first lor!

Desmond the photographer just added me on Yahoo Chat! I've been pestering him to edit all my pics swee swee. LOL!

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