Tuesday, August 24, 2010


OMG!! This is so hurting!!! :(

Someone who loves vomitting so much just left this comment on my blog.

"No wonder your hubby ditched u in the past."

I'm so upset. I just cried! IT'S SO UPSETTING! :(

But then hor, since when my hubby ditched me har? How come i don't remember? Do you really know that much??

"I'm not anyone's friend (now starting to wonder how many people u haf offended in the past right?)"

Yeah right! You appear from nowhere & suddenly leave sucha comment. I've BEEN ranting since 2004! How come all these years, u don't find my rantings ridiculous & u don't realise my 'so-full-of-myself attitude' until today??? My attitude didn't change from last time mah. And if you really cannot stand me, why read my blog for so long? (Since u ALSO know about my hubby 'ditching' me.)

So please, WHY PRETEND AH??? How come nowadays people love to pretend so much?!

"If u think u can get away with your rantings jus because it's YOUR personal blog, then think again. I can post whatever I want to say about you because it's MY freedom. Try me."

Yes please, by all means. I love it! By visiting & leaving comments, i get to earn $$!! So, why not? Please do it ya?

And this person who loves vomitting so much, i've nothing against you at all cos i don't know u. So after what i'm ranting now, i won't reply to your further comments anymore. Sorry if u feel offended! :) Cos like i always say, i can choose not to read. ^^

All the best to u! :)

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