Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thais GT!


Yesterday, i posted this on my FB & it 引起一些骚动! Wahahahahahahah

Many people called ZY and asked if he's the one i'm referring to? Having a thai girl outside? LOL

His reply was, "Sleep also not enough liao, where got time to do all these?". =,=

Many people asked me on msn too. Everyone thought ZY got thai girl outside and that's why i posted such a status!


I posted it cos i was chatting with a friend on msn over such topic & this thought suddenly came to my mind lah!

But oh well, isn't it true?

I've heard of man abandoning their family becos of all these so-called singers or coyote. So ridiculous!

Read the below, which i've found on singthaidisco's forum and i think it's quite true!


Rule No. 1 - PRs are here for work. They are not looking for a relationship with you.

Rule No. 2 - PRs give you the Girlfriend Effect (GFE). Please do not mistake this for love.

Rule No. 3 - PRs have a daily quota for Ladies Drinks. They will flirt with you to meet this quota.

Rule No. 4 - PRs exchange their numbers so as to sms you "i miss you", "will you come find me"... It is their usual practice so don't think you are special.

Rule No. 5 - It is quite common to bring PRs to supper after their work or even go out on their off days. They are just finding a guy to provide the free transport service, food, entertainment and shopping spree. Obviously they will treat u like their bf during such sessions.

Rule No. 6 - Darling or teerak is easy for them to call out to you. Please realise that every customers to them can be a darling/ teerak and don't feel that you are the only special one.

Rule No. 7 - Do not prioritize them over your job, family and true friends.

Rule No. 8 - Deep dive into your mind and ask yourself (Its love or lust?).

Rule No. 9 - You ARE just another customer.

Rule No. 10 - Hurt them rather than getting yourself hurt (Thats the basis of most of the thai songs out there 555^).

Rule No. 11 - Make them fall for you first.

Rule No. 12 - Don't give em your real name.

Rule No. 13 - Don't give em your address or home number.

Rule No. 14 - Don't promise them anything.

Rule No. 15 - Don't give them cash.

Rule No. 16 - Don't reveal your pay.

Rule No. 17 - When asked for LD, tell them "Not today, going back soon. another day".

Rule No. 18 - Fact: Singers make from 2.5 to 8K every month. PRs earn from 2 to 3.5K very month. They might be earning more money than you.

Rule No. 19 - Do not trust their sad stories.

Rule No. 20 - Their names is not their real name.

Rule No. 21 - If you both are in love, do be prepared to stay at long distance relationship.

Rule No. 22 - If you both are together, do be prepared that she will still work as a PR.

Rule No. 23 - Thai Culture is very different from Singaporean Culture. Be prepared to put in the 110% effort to work out the umpteen hurdles from family and otherwise.

Rule No. 24 - Be prepared to support her and give her money to send home if you insist she not work as PR. You will be supporting her parents, siblings, herself and yourself and your parents. How much do you earn?

Rule No. 25 - Be prepared to lose your dick, because Thai gals will cut yours away if you are unfaithful.
Anyone out there tio such GT (gongtao) before? Care to share your experience? I welcome any comments!!!
P/S : Hey hey, i'm not implying anyone here! I'm only typing this out of boredom & based on my own opinion. :)


  1. Rak Darren Mak MakAugust 11, 2010 at 7:37 PM

    and 1 more thing u dunno is that thai gers/boys will share with eachother at hw idiot n stupid r u, how u spend money on them and all ur stupid smses to tell them u love them blah blah. so dun think tat u r handsome/pretty when u was at their place n they keep looking and smiling at u coz they r actually laughing at ur dumbness. LOL!

  2. Hanor!! Darren, u sounds so pro sia! Lol!

    U kena before issit???

  3. Darren Mao Mak MakAugust 11, 2010 at 8:30 PM

    Nahh. my frd put thai ger in singapore de ma. at some of the pub n disco. so we know ma. but there is 1 gd point of them and that is if they really fall in love with u, they very faithful de lor.

  4. I think u have to be either very very very rich & good looking then there are chances that they will fall in love with you! Otherwise, I don't think so sia. No matter how faithful they are, their purpose is to come here & earn $!


  5. *continue

    Their thinking is 钱比天大!

  6. And I just realise...

    FYL Darren!! At this time, u Mao mak mak liao????

  7. Darren Mai Mee LianAugust 12, 2010 at 7:48 PM

    LOL!!! no la, i juz put for fun de ma. wahhaha. everytime little bit want to F PEOPLE L. lol.

  8. What's Mai Mee Lian????

    LOL! FML, FYL, FOL & etc have already become official words in my own dictionary lah!!

  9. Darren Pom Cha ChaAugust 13, 2010 at 4:55 PM

    dun have money. LOL! i thought u sick? better go drink more water n rest more slp more eat more ba.

  10. I think I chiong tio something lor! I don't have flu, only slight cough & sore throat but my whole body aching like fuck man. And I feel so lethargic & strength-less!!

    Don't know issit becos I accidentally kick on some candles during the first day anot! Sigh!

  11. I wish one of your good "sister" read this posting....... Anyway it takes 2 hands to clap.

  12. Hmmm... Anonymous, u seems to know my "sister" very well. She's getting on very fine with her hus now. :)

    Anyway, yeap i agree, it always takes 2 hands to clap!

  13. wahhhh, anonymous in this month is super sensitive. LOL! here comment huh is very ma fan na~ muz type name, den follow by funny funny word for u to guess n key in. hahaha

  14. LOL!! Ok, i'll off the spam thingy. That's to prevent spams mah. LOL!!

    This anonymous here is very mystery. He/she seems to know alot of things. HAHAHA


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