Thursday, September 2, 2010

Absolutely FML!

Another super FML thing just happened on me.

Today, i wore my new heels to work. And this beautiful pair of heels caused a big blister on my right foot. It's so blardy fucking knn pain!

So painful till that i'm already limping when i walk...

And i was asked to run errands. Thus, i just sat down on whatever fucking place (of cos, a proper one) i could see.

I sat on a few drops of water and i didn't know.

Was about to left the bank and this indian cisco police officer came and tell me, "YOUR BACK GOT WET".

*I've been to this bank very frequently until all of them are very nice to me, like friends.

I heard it as, "your bag got wet".

I still asked him, "Huh? Where wet?" (Was tossing my bag around to check where is the 'wet' area.)

He still tell me, "Nobody tell you?".

I said no...

Then he asked me to 'go & check later' cos he don't know how to tell me.

I was very very puzzled. While limping, i keep checking my bag. LOL!

Then i saw my car window reflection, there's a patch exactly at the middle of my butt!!! -___-"


It's so fucking ccb embarrassing.

That few drops of water literally spread into one patch. And that officer must have mistaken that my period is here!!! Aiyo.


Blame it on that pair of heels! :(

P/S : But still, he's a real friend cos only a real friend will tell you such thing. Thank you, XXX. (I just realised that i don't know his name.)

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