Thursday, September 16, 2010



OH ME GOD! Isn't this cute to the max?!?!

But... I was late (cos i slowly viewed all the pages & this is on the last page)! Our orders has already been summitted, packed & sent. Damn efficient sia!! It's okay, there's always 'next time'! :)

I'm gonna get it for fatty Raeann. HAHA! I think she will look so funny in bikini.

Yesterday i showed her this pic, i asked her if she dare to wear anot. She said, "不敢, 等一下人家看到我的 neh neh pok"! HAHAHAHAHA


  1. Mummy, the bikini is veri cute!!! Ex anot? Jio me if you're ordering next time, i can get for my baby jayann =)

  2. Lydia,

    It's not ex cos it's on sale!!! I think it's less than $20 SGD only. ^^

    I don't know how to order leh. Is my friend jio-ed me and i just tagged along with their orders. I never order from Europe before...


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