Wednesday, September 22, 2010

自己演, 自己笑!

Just done with reading up about Essential products & editing some of the pics i took last night. I'm using my lunch time to blog cos i don't know what to eat. Sigh

Well, alot people have been asking me, what happen? Why i suddenly blog about that PERSON again? Thought it's already over/case closed?

That's what i thought so too! But SOMEONE deliberately un-locked her blog & wrote some nonsenses inside. Haha (I didn't stalk her blog, but people will just naturally update me about her, don't know why!)

First, she wrote that she was not given a chance to explain. Hmm... Is that so? If she can sent her husband here to do the explainations for her, why can't she do so herself?

But i ignored it cos actually, i don't bother to hear her explainations also.

Then i blogged about my maid. She ASSUMED that i was referring to her, and she blogged again.

I wrote about my mum bought 10 tickets for the lantern festival. She deliberately CAPS and BOLD when she wrote about her dad bought alot of tickets too. =.=

Hello? Don't you know that the more you deliberately do it, the more you're showing it?

And she said that everything was purely coincidences, i jumped to my own conclusion based on my own assumption, i was cruel to hurt her feelings, i spreaded rumours around, blah blah blah. These were what she meant. I don't really remember the exact words she typed. (Like who cares?)

So, i blogged an entry to announce that i'm not saying about her & asked her to stop ASSUMING.

And guess what?

She woke up in the middle of the night at 3am, to read my blog & counter me back on her own blog! =.=


In that entry, she asked 'if i'm reading? And she said it's so FUN and i'm so funny. And she asked herself to stop laughing & go back to sleep. Ops!'

Can someone tell me what's she trying to do? What's so FUN about it? And what's so funny? Is she crazy?

P/S : A common friend who can't stand what she's doing, deliberately tweeted about it. And she locked her blog immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lock, un-lock, lock, un-lock. Very fun meh?

She thinks that she's so cute by doing all these stunts. Yeah, indeed VERY CUTE!

For nothing, she sent her hb to comment on my blog. Then when i blew up, she went into hiding, pretended to be upset & cried like a spoilt tap. And she sent so many people whom don't fucking know me at all to stalk my blog (like what she did!), marked on every single word i typed here & made imbecile comments about me.

Now everything's over, she wants to rake things up & create troubles again? Then when i blow up, she will go into hiding again! =.=

What's the point of telling people who don't know me at all about my stuffs? I don't do that and i doubt my friends will be interested too. Why the fuck would you be interested in someone whom you don't know at all?

And to those who's siding her, OH PLEASE! From the start till now, it's only ONE person that i've ever mentioned here. You don't know me at all! If you commented based on what she has told you, it doesn't make you a smart person. 事对事, 人对人.

She has her own life, while i've mine. Why is she so interested in my life? Can't she just LEAVE ME ALONE????


  1. Well said. Thumbs up!

  2. do u mean jocelyn?

  3. Yes, who else but her! SO IRRITATING!

  4. what happen? what is everybody talking about here?
    ren bu fan wo sound angry, narrow n irritated leh. dont sound like urself lor.
    lets dont narrow any disagree / difference view / dislike = gossip !! = terrorist lah.
    all blogs are ok to share.
    you are gd buddy to many too. those difference give awareness too lor. know what i mean ?
    love your blog too. keep up your writing too.

  5. Birds of same feather flocked together. YAWNZ

  6. high high into the sky~
    seriously, some pple just got nothing better to do. too free maybe.
    narrow minded equals to living in their own world. when they move around, they bang their heads, but still tink that they are right no matter what.
    That's why lah!
    on a side note: i love raeann's demin romper~~~so sweet!!! time for boots. :D LOL!!

  7. To Cheyenne,

    Hanor. They are really living in their own world. ALOT OF 小人 around! I need to go 打小人 already!!!

    The denim romper is cute hor? But she doesn't like to wear leh! :(

    Her armpit being revealed. =S

    I need to force her to wear lor...

  8. are you olivia actually or olivia's cousin?

  9. discussion and sharing are not gossips or terrorist. LOL. dont even know this lady looks and image someone's go after desperately girl... everybody got stories. internal office political, social and life everyday. only close friends and close colleagues know abt this stars lah. cannot inform detail haha. outsiders so engross or snag for reasons... so many things lor.

  10. yes, need recommendation for da xiao ren's place? :D iphone also have! muhahahahaha

  11. Cheyenne,

    I know where!!! Bugis!! Opp the temple, 2nd floor! Heehee

    Btw, do u know what's that anonymous talking about? I seriously don't understand leh!!!

  12. above the hawker centre third floor also have! :X

  13. Joanne, I think this annoyed-mous is a girl going after another girl. like cat and mouse?
    duno lah! ignore is bliss!

  14. Ya I going to ignore cos i simply don't understand that kind of english. For a moment I tot this person typing ah bu neh neh words. Despite reading it so many times, I still failed to understand. Haha

    I don't think anyone understand? LOL

  15. seriously i also dont understand what tat anonymous got no link like that. talking to ownself and worst is the sentence dont make any sense and no meaning at all...y your blog got so many diff pattern de people reading want ar?

  16. HAHAHA Darren

    I can't stop laughing at the way you put it!! 我真的不知道 leh! I think he or she come from outer space la! Should be. Else how come all the humans don't understand?

    Many weirdos reading my blog now cos someone is hardworkingly promoting it for me. Actually I need to thank her for increasing my stats hor? LOL

  17. Ohhh the one whom u said cry like a spoilt tap de ma? :P so is this anonymous amicus or a hater ar?
    the way he/she talk really make no sense. i wonder if he/she understand what he/she talking when he/she read back again. i doubt so...i suspect anonymous is taking gonna report him/her. LOL!

  18. HAHAHAHA, YA spoilt tap. >.<

    Seriously i'm not sure either. Cos i simply don't fucking understand what he/she is talking about. I don't even know he/she is saying something good or bad leh. FML!

    At first i thought why suddenly my english become so poor cos i don't understand. Then i asked a friend, she don't understand either. You also don't understand. So the problem doesn't lies with me at all!

  19. nvm ba, as long as he/she is not scolding anyone. then let he/she talk talk

  20. Ya! It serves as an entertainment to me in fact. Cos i was literally laughing like mad when i read it over and over again. LOL

  21. Hi, I will like to comment or welcome the ailens from the very outer surface of this patterned world. dust to dust. ah bu neh neh de. i seriously think the person must be >.<.... when writing de u knoe? shit man, no matter how hard i try, to be like the person, I failed!!! >.<!!!

  22. Haha Cheyenne,

    YES YES you failed cos you're not from outer space and I CAN ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT U WROTE!! LOL

  23. hi joanne,

    i'm the annoymous whom posted:

    'do u mean jocelyn?'

    the others annoymous not me hor!! hehehe...

    anyway, the other day, i read thats she's pregnant with no 2 already...

    no wonder.. i didn't understand why she locked her blog again.. 应该是亏心吧 ?

    now i know... hahaha.. so whe is the copycat u been talking about...


    but i thought u used to be best of friends with her??

    Lil Pea (thats my unique nick from now on)

  24. Hi Lil Pea,

    Hmm... Only time will tell lor, that's what i can say.

    Some people are just meant to be NORMAL friends. Cos once you get too close to her, you will start to see the annoying side of her!

    People just don't wish to get so close to her, also cannot! Must let people feel irritated of her then she's happy. -_-"

  25. what happened???

    haiz.. another friendship turned sour..

    i understand because i went thru it myself...

    anyway, heck la!

    don't worry, be happy!

    Lil Pea

  26. LOL! It's okay cos actually we've not been contacting for more than a year. And i knew what she has been saying about us behind our back. We choose to keep quiet. And yet she continues to be irritating. Really NO LIFE! Sigh

  27. Nvm lah!

    I'm just an avid reader of ur blog and sometimes *roll eyes* some other pple also

    No wonder ah, I spotted some... u know what i mean.
    actually some things don't need to explain. YUE MIAO YUE HE!

    actually long ago, I left a comment at ur old lousy cbox, about this, before u started blogging about this matter :D if u can remember! hahahaha! u know,

    Just live to be yourself, love yourself and your family.

    Although I'm not your friend, but we can be friends now since I have added u in facebook! ;D

  28. Cheyenne,

    Oh... that's u!! Yeap, i remember! In fact, how i gotta realise about it is cos many people told me... Outsiders will see it better than myself.

    And yeap, i don't see the need to explain to people I DON'T KNOW AT ALL! They're not even a passerby in my life afterall.

    YES YES, FB FB! ^^

  29. just a passerby who's curious, who is this jocelyn that you all are talking about? what's her blog?


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