Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yesterday, a secondary school mate asked if i'm pregnant upon seeing my latest pic on FB, but i'm not! FML!

Heehee, this is so cute! Everyday, there bounds to be one FML issue that will happen, i think.

Something to clarify, i'm not pregnant, i'm just FAT! Get it? =) (I'm like so proud of myself getting fatter like that! Haha)

At least, this guy asked me personally rather than gossiping about me behind my back! And nope, i'm not angry at all! =)

In order not to let anyone misunderstand that i'm pregnant again, i decided to change my d.p! =P

Yesterday hor, Raeann suddenly tell me, "我要你生一个妹妹给我".

And she's literally planning where her lil' sister will be sleeping, what will she be wearing & etc etc! =.=

I'm dead! Even a small kid is pressuring me now! Siao liao! FML!

Seriously, if i want to get pregnant, it's ANYTIME. Just shoot in once & i 'bao tio'! 4D also won't be so zhun!

But i don't want, don't want, don't want. That's why i've been visiting doctors, taking 'morning after' pills.

I even have the urge to go & CUT it away!!!!

Okay, i do love babies & kids but i DREAD looking after them. And i honestly HATE pregnancy! My first one (Raeann) wasn't really that smooth & i'm so scare that everything will repeat again! I know that every birth is different but that phobia in me just can't seems to be taken off my mind, i don't wish to take the risk!

Alright, maybe few years down the road, my mindset will change but certainly, not now!

And if i'm really pregnant in future, please please please god, let my no. 2 be a girl also. I don't want boy. Thanks! (No offences at all, it's just my personal choice!)

And to my dearest husband, i definately need a maid then! And i don't want to work anymore (i want to be taitai)!!!

See? So many extra burdens! So it's better if we stick to one kid right? =)

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