Tuesday, September 14, 2010


are people who come and go in your life, only a few stay. Agree?

All clubbing friends don't ever stay at all. They are only meant to club with, not to be 'bff' with.

If the people you hang around with keep changing (as in you always change your 'bff'), then it's time you need to 检讨一下自己. Why like that? Why all your friends leave you after some time?

If one person feels so, maybe is that person think too much. But if one group of people feel so, then is your problem. You should change for the better then. :)


  1. yea, totally agreed. clubbing friends r juz come n go friends. when u stop clubbig for sometimes they will join other people n clubs with them. btw, can i know what does bff means ar? y i saw so many people using this words huh? Can u enlighten me ma, missy jo..

  2. BFF means 'BEST FRIEND FOREVER'. Heehee

    Somehow alot of people mis-used them. They seems to forget the meaning of FOREVER.

  3. yes clubbing friend come n go.. i had only 1 clubbing fren who i contact till now.. because he is my bf haha =x opps

    I have alots of hibye/ online friends.. i dont know how to maintain f/s haha =x BFF only one SONIA! =x

  4. Not bf liao lah, hubby?? Heehee

    I also only have one BFF, but alot of good friends. One is enough, i feel. :)


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