Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gimme back my voice!

Quick! Congrats me! 我好像瘦了!!! Result from being sick.

In office now, no mood to work... Still sick, voice not completely back yet, very torturing!

Don't feel like talking cos nobody simply understand what am i talking about with my 'sexy' voice! :(

ZY very idiot, he said my voice sounds very disgusting and yet he kept calling me yesterday. -__-"

Then when i answered, he kept on 'huh huh huh' and said 'he don't know what am i talking about'. Tmd. WHY CAN'T HE MSG ME HAR?!

Raeann is much more sensible than him lor! FHL!

She knew i'm not feeling well, she went downstairs to take medicine & spoon for me... Wanna feed me somemore lor!

She said she's big girl already, can bathe for herself, asked me to rest & watch her shower. And she did! :)


So proud of her! She's so sensible now. And one thing i'm very sure is, she 疼 me more than her daddy does! :)

Last night, she's oh-so-funny again.

She took my phone & called her daddy...

Raeann : Papa, 你在做什么? 我会自己打给你 leh!

ZY : Hello... Ah bee ah, papa 在吃东西啦.

Raeann : Ok, byebye.

3 seconds later... She called again...

Raeann : Papa, 你在做什么?

ZY : Papa 在吃东西啦.

Raeann : Ok, byebye.

5 seconds later... She called again...

Raeann : Papa, 你在做什么?

ZY : Aiyo, papa 在吃东西啦! 你很 di siao hor, 一直打来问我在做什么!  

Raeann : Ok, byebye.

3 seconds later, she called again! And she called him about 7-8 times, asking the same question! Wahahahahaha! Super funny!! Her dad still can entertain her! LOL


Very random again!!


Finally... The lazy me has fixed this up! Thanks hb! ♥


  1. drink warm honey water, a lot of it. it helps.

  2. Hi dear,

    Thanks alot! =D

    My mum boiled for me 'ling yang' & i drank it with honey this morning. Kinda works! *cross finger*


    I literally laugh out loud when i c u blog about Raeann calling her papa non stop & ask he eat already anot.. You show show her & ur hb the 钱不够用2, the part where the Mother keep asking the Son, "Le Jiak Bao Bui"


  4. Oh yah har, now u say, i got 'ying xiang'. That movie i watched till cry loh!! LOL

    But Raeann is ask him what is he doing... Not he eat already anot... heehee


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