Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to make her more girly?

I suddenly remember something & i wish to hear some suggestions from mummies/ladies out there.

Think i mentioned before liao... my girl is not 爱美 at all!!! =.=

And i tried ways and means to make her wear skirt/dress. Most of the time, cane is the only solution!

I don't want to always use cane on her but i don't know how to convince her to do. FML!

This morning, i wore a spagetti dress for her and she told me, "我的 armpit 给人家看到了" & keep wanting to take it out!


I was suppose to be angry de!! So i controlled my laughter upon hearing her say this!

I need help desperately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How to make her wear skirt/dress? How to make her want to tie her hair? How to make her more 爱美?

Your comments will be greatly appreciated! =)


  1. she will outgrow this stage one day..

    i used to be like her.. then.. came the mini skirt trend... and suddenly, i no longer hated skirts/ dress~ haha!

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for your comment. I'm so worried that she'll become tomboy in future. :(

  3. Hahahaha!!! Joanne, mayb raeann need more compliment!!! Get ur friends etc to compliment her when she wear dress & ties her hair, den compare urself to her.. Cus for my girl, she sibeh ai swee cus we always compliment her

    Hope it helps!

  4. Hi Lynn,

    No use leh, tried also. She will tell me, "我不要穿美美, 我要穿 NUA NUA".

    She said she want to be boy, cut her hair short like her dad. -_-"

    Really headache ah!!

  5. hmmm... get someone to influence her...

    when my sis was young she also dress up like little boy and play with toy guns... ball ect... and i was the one who influence her to play with dolls and dress up with skirt and dress...


  6. Hi Leanne,

    Everybody keep telling me when she grows older, she won't be lidat anymore... Issit true?

    I so 爱美, everyday influenced her with make-up, dresses & etc, doesn't seem to have impact on her at all leh...

  7. maybe u tell her "if u want meimei (lil sister) then u have to be meimei (pretty) then she'll listen?

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!!!!! den u show her pretty kids leh??? she will have the wah i oso wanna be like them anot??

    ah bo.... last resort... HAHA tel ur hb... grow long hair HAHAHAHA!

  9. erm... will change for sure but it depends on her characters too... and also the friends that she mix with...

    age gap also play a part... maybe u can get her cousins to play with her? do girly stuff like playing with barbie doll?


  10. Hi Anonymous,

    Ok, i'll try this on her. Maybe will works... as she's pestering me for a sister now.

  11. Hi Lynn,

    This is a good suggestion!! I like it! LOL!! But i think her dad looks UGLY with long hair...

  12. Hey Leanne,

    She did!! But they play with baby instead of barbie doll. But she still doesn't like to doll up... =(

  13. baby and barbie doll are 2 different things. baby got limited clothes to dress with and the clothes is not as trendy as barbie dolls.

    nowadays, barbie doll got their own makeup etc...

    or maybe u can try dressing her up with leggings instead of asking to put on a dress? then slowly slowy change her style of dressing...

  14. Hmm, ok, i will get her a set of barbie doll. Hope she won't 'murder' her! Wahahahaha


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