Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Totally random!

Jialat man, it's raining now, how am i going to walk to the canteen to pack for my dad? Sigh

I'm still damn full from the KFC breakfast with Raeann this morning! I didn't eat much, it's the milk tea that made me bloated till now. FML! I think i can't drink milk tea. Everytime after i drink, i feel like puking...

OMG! So sad!!! All the good seats for Sammi Cheng's concert are sold out! I tried to book yesterday, it's already fully booked. :(

If we can't get good seats, we're gonna give this concert a miss! I sounds like i'm one die-hard fan of Sammi. But i'm not! It's ZY leh! I merely tag along, that's all! All the concerts are suggested & sponsored by him. Free mah, he treats me go, so i go lor!

I don't have one specific idol! I listen to whatever songs that i feel it's nice, from anyone! But my hb's crazy over concerts recently! So i 赚到 lor! Haha

ZY is like that! Once he 'sot tio' something, he will do it repeatly until he get sick of it! And i always 被脱下水! Like that time he 'sot tio' Mushroom Pot, he can eat it everyday for 2 weeks! -_-"

So i pray & pray that one day he will 'sot tio' shopping or branded! I seriously don't mind to accompany him to shop de! But must buy for me too lah!! =D

Okay, be back later! I need to find a way to walk to canteen without getting my skirt dirty! I'm very scare of the water pik piak pik piak when i walk!

Hello, i'm back! Haha

Can you believe it? My mum & hb are having lunch outside now. LOL! And they're going to pack it back for me. Famous mee hoon kuey!!! I love mee hoon kuey but i only eat those handmade (用手拔的), i dislike those machine made one. So whenever i order, i will ask them issit hand or machine made first! =D

Aiya, i've got no 废话 to blog anymore!!!

P/S : YAY!! Sammi Cheng's concert tix booked!!

Till then.

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