Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ippudo Ramen

I've decided to stay at home tonight & thus, here i am, blogging! :)

Am i stupid for not going out (clubbing) when i'm given the green light to do so? Yeap, ZY allowed me to go but Raeann said, "mummy, 我不要你出去" when she overheard our conversation. Sigh. She said if i want to go, i've to bring her along! =.=

I wanted to go lah cos i seldom have chance to go out with my friends now. But there are so many cons that's stopping me. The cab fare, the insufficient sleep & maybe the hangover too. So... staying at home is a better choice? Since i need to bring Raeann to the Elmo show tomorrow. (Sorry Patsy & XS, see you girls soon!)

P/S : See? I can go out but i choose not to becos i wanna accompany my daughter. WHY DIDN'T ANYONE PRAISE ME? I know why! If people criticised you for the things you did is becos they're simply jealous of your life! Period.

I spent $34 on cab fare from my house to Orchard yesterday! FML! Cheryl asked me not to drive cos i don't know where to park as we're going to a few places. By walking will cause our legs to break & carpark charges (in town area) for 2 cars are not cheap either. Hence, i took a cab there & she sent me home after that! ^^

First, dinner @ Ippudo! Everyone has been raving about how delicious this ramen is, so i decided to give Cheryl a treat there. When i reached there, the queue was terrifying long! So scary! Luckily Cheryl went there earlier to queue cos i was stucked in heavy traffic jam.




Their egg is damn special! YUMMY!

TRY IT! It's really delicious (their soup base damn good)! And it's not as expensive as i expect, reasonable priced. But honestly, i prefer Tampopo ramen cos they've more varieties to choose from. Both are great though! :)



My first time to this place even though i've heard about it since long time ago. A place full of caucasians & executives! We reached there about 9pm and it was very crowded.

We went upstairs to search for a table but was very packed. So we decided to go downstairs to try our luck. On the way down, someone tapped on my shoulder! I turned over in shock! A chinese guy, very muscular whom speak very slang english asked if he has the honour to buy me a drink. But i rejected, smile & walk away!

Found a table downstairs next to the stairs. So after awhile, he came down and saw me again. And he asked if he & his friend (a caucasian) can join us? I told him that i need a private conversation with my friend and he gentleman-ly smile & say byebye. Hahaha! Then came another weirdo! He asked Cheryl if she's a local and started to intro himself. =.= 我们是有魅力的 hor! LOL


We ordered a glass of lychee martini each. (After this martini, i felt my voice's losing again. And so, i ordered a peach smoothies next. Can't believe it man! LOL)

Cheryl felt uncomfortable cos alot of people passed by almost every minute (next to the stairs mah). So we decided to go upstairs again after finishing our martini. We went to 3 corners of KPO in total. LOL

That's when i saw Peiyan, my ex classmate (sec sch)!!!!!!!!!!


OMG. I can't remember when was the last time i saw her??? I think it's 2007, her baby shower? After so long!!! Very very happy to meet an old friend, don't ya think so? We're still the same... 很三八! Haha



Since when i was 21 (2005), many people has been telling me that we (me & Cheryl) looked alike, even Bobo. Is that true? :)


Her beautiful Audi TT! 香车配美人. Heehee

Our last stop... MBS!


It was a last minute decision. We stayed at KPO till about 1am and were damn sian liao. Cheryl suddenly brought up a topic about MBS and i told her i've never been there before, neither does she. She then said, 'let's go'! Haha

She paid the bill and we drove to MBS, for a stroll & toilet visiting!

P/S : We agreed on the 'dinner on me, drinks on her' the day before we met! I prefer it this way. I don't like to split the bill openly in public (unless with people i'm not very close with, then bo bian.), it's very paiseh, i feel.

MBS is really very big & beautiful + a shopping heaven! So many branded shops!!! We've already made a deal to go there to shop one day! Need to save more $ first, haha!

Home sweet home after that! I felt so sad when she said 'most probably our next meet-up would be at Sammi's concert (6th Nov)'. Hanor, i also think so! I doubt i've the chance to go out when Raeann's school reopen. :(

Note : Not all the pictures are posted up here. Full album are already uploaded on FB. You may view it there if ya interested! :)


  1. haha.... the fact is KPO is full of leacher. These leachers will try their luck after a couple of drinks. In doing so, these pathetic souls lose their self respect and dignity jus bcos they wanted to get between the legs of innocent victim..... tsk tsk. Shallow shallow shallow........

  2. Uh huh... And then? What are u trying to say? Please be more direct if you wish to comment.


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