Saturday, October 30, 2010


This morning, ZY unwillingly woke up to bring Raeann to her lesson. I was planning to sleep a lil' more after they left to replenish enough energy for later!

But then hor, at 9:25am, my phone started ringing non-stop. =.=

Raeann doesn't want to go in and ZY can't handle her. She was crying so bitterly. If it's me, i'll just leave her there and walk away cos she will definately stop crying after awhile. She just wanted to get attention. But ah, this ZY will stand there and 'loh-li-loh-soh' with her, 'poloso' her, and end up she will cry even longer and louder. Then eventually, he will give in to her, following her wish, everytime.

Thus, Raeann skipped lesson today. Becos she told her father that she doesn't want to study. Sigh

I don't know about others, but i don't feel right if she says that she don't want to study and we have to listen to her and let her stop studying. How can? I mean i know today's lesson is 'extra' de but then rather than spending her time doing nothing at home, might as well go learn something for her own good since we can afford. Rather than i spend it on clubbing right? I never go clubbing now becos i need to wake up early on every Saturday morning to send her to school. Hahaha in fact ZY was the one paying for her school fees so it didn't affect me at all but i saved money from clubbing!!!

Although at times when i bring her there, she did fuss and said that she doesn't want to go in. But she will still listen to me and happily finish her one hour lesson cos i told her that i'll be waiting for her outside.

But... ZY... HAIZ!

She knew i was angry. She called me to say sorry while on her way home. She apologised and said she wanna be a good girl. How to get angry with her????

I asked her just now... "为什么 papa 带你去学校, 你哭???"

Her reply was... "因为 HOR, mummy 带我去学校, 我就不会哭咯!"

What a good answer! I think she really don't need to go school if anything happen to me.

ZY was sooooooo happy and relieve upon hearing her answer. Cos hor, he doesn't need to wake up early and send her to school in near future!

And it means that i can't have any program anymore from Monday to Saturday. 命真苦! :(

Tell me how to have no. 2 lah??? How am i going to split into 3 parts to attend to 1 baby, 1 toddler and 1 uncle at the same time??? ZY doesn't have any intention to employ a maid for me at all lor! Sigh


  1. Aiyoh yoh~~
    it is really a love and hate relationship with

  2. may i know what class is raeann attending?maybe u can enrol her nxt year when she's more ready or get her in courses she's interested?

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    She's attending music appreciation class. Which means, to let her know what's music about and all the instruments. Then see which instrument she interested most then will go into that at older age. :)

    She likes music and that's why i enrolled her in such. But she just can't cooperate with her dad lah. To her, her dad will only bring her to play, buy toys, eat and leisure.

    Most of the time, she'll be fine when i bring her de!


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