Sunday, October 3, 2010

Can't zzz!

At CCK now, can't sleep when i'm supposed to be very tired! Why har? Had a long day today! Brought Raeann to lesson in the morning as usual, then to Underwater World & Dolphin Lagoon in the late noon. The weather's damn stuffy and warm, can go insane!!!

ZY's bringing me & Raeann to Hongkong with his entire family (12 paxs) next month. Tickets have been booked but i don't feel excited at all. In fact, i told him that i don't want to go. But i know we'll sure quarrel if i insisted not to go. Sigh

Everyone said i'm mad. I should be happy that my husband is finally bringing me overseas & i don't have to fork out a single cent except for shopping money (for myself). It's $1.2K per pax lor.

But the thing is, i don't like to go out or travel in big group or tour. I don't like the idea of waiting here and there. I mean, i'm worried to make people wait for me lah. Then i can't enjoy if i've to follow the schedules/time strictly. Moreover, i've to take care of Raeann's needs 24/7 there for 5-6 days, which i think i'll go crazy. Just by asking me to bring her to toilet every hour or during meal time is enough to make me frustrated and she likes to do so! -.-

Aiya, don't know what am i thinking... But i just feel really uncomfy lah! Not in the mood to even pack luggage. Sian ah!

Sometimes, i feel that i can't make any choice. I'm just living under people's instructions. It's always the case. :(

Okay, enough. Off to bed now! Good night earthlings.


  1. Didn't u promise u will try ur best and work thing out? Im sure u can overcome anything in HK! THink positive! When u have no.2 like me... its not easy for leisure le...

  2. Think positive - with so many other family members travelling together, they can help to take care of Raeann from time to time. And then, you & hubby can go pak-toh and be all lovey-dovey. =P Not bad what! Enjoy yourself!

    P.S. Would like to add you in FB, but cannot seem to find you? And by the way, your 'Email Me' function above is not working I believe.

  3. Hey Alice,

    How's ur no. 2 precious?? :)

    I just hope Raeann don't fuss over there. Sigh

    Hanor, i also think so, with 2 kids = less less less freedom. That's why i don't dare to have no. 2 yet. Salute u la!! ^^

  4. Hihi R L,

    LOL! No par-tor cos i think he will be sleeping away all his free time. HAHAHAHA

    Thank you, thank you!

    My email in FB is :)

    Email not working??!! Okok, i change the format.. Thanks for telling me!

  5. No 2 is doing fine... a fussy baby... move her a little during her sleep can cry non stop... dun have to salute me la... some ppl out there can have more than 3 leh... i fall into Hilda's trap for wanting a sibling and now she left me alone with the sister... she enjoying life with my mom... Hilda complaint that her sis is too nosy... cry and cry and cry...

  6. Wahahahaha Hilda is so cute la! ^^

    Take care & 加油! I salute you cos you're very brave! I'm so scare of the whole process lor.

    Raeann told me she wan a sister too. Must think twice now. =X

  7. Eh, not think twice. Is think 200 times more. LOL


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