Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Facebook is amazing!

Gathering helps to pull the bond closer, be it with relatives or friends. Those having a FB account is sort of 'additional bonus'.

After my bro's wedding 2 days ago, i found so many relatives on FB!!!

The cutest one i found was... my cousin who is 30+ older than me??? His profile pic simply made me laugh my ass off. It's really super funny lah!!!

All the relatives i found are from my mum's side. Becos my mum is the youngest, her sister married very young (18 yrs old, LOL) and she married quite late, i've cousins who are much older than me. And my cousins' kids, who are my nieces and nephews are around my age. LOL

So i was kinda surprise that they have a FB account too. HAHAHAHAHA!

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