Friday, October 29, 2010

Falsies No. 16

To those who might be interested...

I've tried falsies no. 16 this morning, and here's the outcome!


P/S : I don't dare to post this pic too big. I'm afraid it will scare you guys off! =O

Haha, super long right? Chio or what. I think it will look better with thicker eyeliner. :)

Very swee, albeit kua zhang but i like!!!

Sidetrack : You see har, no matter how long or kua zhang the lashes are, i still failed to achieve the 'flying falsie' effect. And even if i do, i won't dare to go out or take any pictures. Really salute that joker!!! Still dare to go out and take tons of pictures. OMG!

Wanna see what's 'flying falsie'? (I know many of you are very very curious about this!)

Ok, i shall reveal the mystery now...



This is rougly how flying falsie looks like. I drew too nice liao, it's worse in fact. No eyeliner at all. Or maybe have but cannot see. I can only draw as i don't know how to do it!

Chio hor??? =)
But if you're looking for those more natural ones, you can get no. 28 or 32 (highly recommended by seller).



Alright, what other info does you guys need? Post a comment & let me know okay? :)


  1. Hi

    Can you do a tutorial on how to put the falsie? I try doing it but is always a MESS.

    And what type of glue are u using? Any pic on hand?
    The glue i bought doesnt stick well.


  2. Hi there,

    There are alot of videos on YouTube for such tutorials. (I didn't do cos many people done it already.)

    Here's the link for one whole lists of tutorials ->

    Hope it helps! :)

    As for my glue, i'm using a Korea brand, Darkness. About $10+ for a 5ml tube. =D

  3. Thanks for the link.


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