Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hope Girl Private Launch


Date : 30th October 2010, Saturday
Venue : ALT, The Heeren



Was proudly invited to this event by...


P/S : To enjoy free gifts & samples, invitations to private sales & launches, join Anoiv International as Facebook fan, ok! :)

Anyway, i attended it together with Karine. We felt that it was quite a quiet launch as there were only 4 persons invited to each session. If i'm not wrong, only 16 persons were invited in total. But i prefer it this way cos we get to enjoy the products all to ourselves. And of cos, we made ourselves at home! So comfy lah as the ladies from Anoiv International were really helpful and friendly. Nice to meet ya, Viona! :)

Okay, actually the above is a 'welcome gift' given to us. Guess what's inside?


Hope Girl Lip & Eye Makeup Remover & Shimmering BB cream. (I've so many MUR now that i think i can use it for more than 1 year, LOL!)


Light refreshments were served too. The lychee martini cake is yummylicious. Ask Karine if you don't believe me! Haha

Sidetrack :I brought 2 cameras out yesterday. Brought ZY's Sony NEX-5K along... But it was only when i was in Karine's car then i realised, I BROUGHT THE CAMERA WITHOUT BATTERY! =.= FML man, why am i so blur har? Luckily i bought my Sony T20 (best friend) along too!

Karine brought her hb's DSLR! So my camera was seldom used. Cos hor, the pictures took from DSLR is really... POWER! Everything's just so perfect that non of the pictures need any editing at all. ^^

Those pics with an additional white frame are taken from Karine's. Those without are from my Sony T20. Compare! Really a great difference.


Full range of Hope Girl products. Leopard print packagings, MAD CHIO lah!

Hope Girl offers premium quality products at affordable prices, range from $10.90 - $39.90.

I'll go into details of what products i like most later...


I'm busy checking out all the products lah...


This is my BEFORE pic! We arranged to go only with light make up. No eyeshadows as we are going to 'test' there mah! Wah, my complexion damn nice here! Heehee


I'm so serious lor, LOL! Testing out their mascara!


Karine with their lip stick and lip gloss on. Very pretty hor? Don't ya think she looks like a doll? Heehee


This is my AFTER pic. Lip gloss was my last step, i don't put lip stick! (Can't stop admiring my complexion leh!)

Now, please focus on the lip gloss! Did you notice... there's light??!!



There's a button to on/off the light. You may choose to on it only at night! Damn good for clubbing leh! And there's a mirror!!! OMG. Comes in 3 very natural color! I WANT THIS!

Another product which me and Karine wanted it badly but it's out of stock at this moment is...



It can easily remove smudges under delicate eyes including water-proof eye makeup while providing moisturising. Convenient for quick makeup changes & repairs without disturbing other eye makeup.

I think I REALLY NEED THIS lor! Wah lau, i don't know why my under eyes always got smudges after few hours of makeup. Issit my eyeliner or eyeshadow? Cos i seldom put mascara nowadays. But i really hate it cos it made my face looks damn dirty like that. So, isn't this just right for me? :)

And oh ya, i love their Auto Eyebrow Pencil too! I was supposed to own one now. But then the cashier at ALT missed out this item! I only realised it after i reached home. I can't find it in the bag!! Then i went to check the receipt and it was not being keyed it at all. SAD lah! :(

Can Hope Girl send me one? LOL! Just kidding lah. I'll purchase it together with the magic cleaner when the stocks arrive.


Hope Girl's booth at ALT, The Heeren. Meanwhile, Hope Girl is only available there!

It's my first time there (ALT). NICE! All sorts (brands) of cosmetics, skincare products & etc can be found there.


The other 2 bloggers whom were invited to that session. Nice ladies. I read their blogs before!! They do ads for TSS too! Heehee


Lastly, the very HAPPY us! :)

I really enjoyed Karine's company alot! Will definately ask her along if there's such event again. She's very frank and out-spoken, like me! I can just be myself, very comfortable when i'm out with her. :)

Aftermath, we went to ION for dinner and shopping.

She's a great shopping kaki too. Shop till damn shiok and time passed so fast lor! You know when i go shopping with ZY, i could hardly shop and find anything i like. It's always impluse buy cos ZY will give me the 'sian' look if i shop for too long and he doesn't give me any comment or advise. So often after i buy, i'll regret de!

But i'm madly in love with all the stuffs i bought yesterday! Will go into it in my next post! I NEED MY BED NOW, BADLY!

Nights, earthlings!

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