Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hush Puppies® & Levi's®

*ahem* YES! It's here again!!!


Actually, since last week i've been saying that i wanna walk there liao. But hor, the weather is si bei hot leh! Plus, i'm not feeling well lately, always fever during the noon time. FML!

How cheap the stuffs are?


Two Levi's undies for $5! My mum bought 3 in a box for $5 too!

P/S : I've developed a fetish for undies! Shhh...

And of cos, i won't left Raeann out. She has something new again! =P

Alot of men stuffs too! I'm gonna walk there again tomorrow. Will buy a few boxer for ZY if i'm in good mood! LOL

Cheap. Cheap. Cheap.

Shit! My illness (biopolar disorder) is acting up again!!!


  1. Where is the location?

  2. Bukit Batok St 22! Near to Shatec! :)

  3. may i know this,till when?

  4. I went too! yesterday! nothing much leh.. but guys brief and kids wear has a good deals~~~

  5. Ya ya! =P

    But don't know why i can buy so many things! FML.


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