Friday, October 22, 2010

Like a zombie now...

I discovered something last night. *gasps*

Fell asleep shortly after my late dinner at around 9+pm. But i woke up at blardy 2+am!!! And i couldn't get to sleep until 4+am. FML! I'm like a zombie now... SO TIRED CAN!

Becos i couldn't sleep, i surfed net on my phone. And i went to TSS website to take a peep, see whether if there are any new samples that i can redeem. (Yeap, i'm addicted to redeeming samples now!)

Note : Paragraphs deleted. Issue solved. Thanks Chanel for emailing me! =D


Raeann is soooooooo funny last night! Hahaha
Raeann (took my wallet & ask) : Mummy 为什么你没有钱了?

Me : Hanor, 我没有钱了 lor

Raeann : 我给你一点 ok? 我有很多钱. Mummy 我不 selfish, papa 很 selfish, 不要给你钱.
LOL! She really gave me some money lor... $8!!! But she asked me this question for more than 8 times.

"Mummy, 是谁给你钱的?"

She wanted me to say, "你咯!". Then she said, "快点讲 thank you, baby 宝贝". And i've to say "thank you, baby 宝贝" to her. =.=

But she repeated so many times till i got frustrated. So the very last time when she asked again, i replied, "你啦你啦!"

And before i can say my next sentence, she said, "你要讲我很 loh soh 了, 对吗?" Wahahahahahhah She can reads my mind! LOL

I spent the whole afternoon yesterday searching and learning simple hairstyling methods through tutorials online, just becos of an upcoming Liese advertorial. (I really put in alot of effort lah, killed alot of brain cells everytime too!)

I finally know how to do french braid now! YAY! :)

Actually, it's kinda embarrassing that i don't know how to do french braid at age 26 cos my sis's good at it. Thus, i learnt it step by step, for hours. And i made it!


Well, she's in good mood last night ba else she won't let me touch her hair at all. She got pekchek when i keep re-doing it and she asked me, "很美了没有?" in a frustrated tone. Cos hor, i'm kind of a perfectionist. If it's not perfect, i'll keep re-doing it until i'm satisfied.

I still need to practice more man! Hope she'll be in good mood everyday & be my model. Heehee


  1. Raeann is so damn very cute leh!!!!

  2. oh you are creating more traffic to her blog, is that what she wants?!? :x
    Aiyo this Raeann is uber cute. I still couldn't stop giggling when recall the way she talk when she is in Jaedon's birthday party.

  3. Anonymous, ^^

    She is damn naughty at times too!

  4. Apple, i also don't know leh. Maybe she run out of ideas to write so decided to copy and paste lor. But i doubt she expect that i'll find out.

    Raeann ah, i seriously don't know where she learn all her speech from. Either from us or TV. Cos she doesn't speak like a kid. Now cute, but 1-2 years later, ppl may find it irritating, which what i'm worried about!

  5. i can't do french braid too... and i'm 23... hahaha

    leanne :)

  6. Leanne,

    Actually it's kinda easy if u get the trick of doing it. I haven learn how to do for myself though...

  7. sometimes kids are really innocent and funny :x i always like to tease my nephew because so easily to "pian"


    anyway i also cant do french braid -_-

  8. Sonia,

    Ya lor, all kids are the same. Naive and innocent, that makes them so cute and adorable in their own way. =D


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