Friday, October 22, 2010

Living my life to the fullest!

Happy! Happy! Heehee

On Tuesday, i received an email, inviting me to a Korea cosmetics private soft launch. (Got freebies again!!! Haha) It's an event for bloggers as i will need to do a review about it after that.

I posted a status on FB cos i was hesistating to go or not as it falls on next Saturday when i need to bring Raeann to her lesson leh. But thankfully, my hb agreed to do it for me in order to let me attend this event! (He loves me to blog now! LOL)

Karine called and asked me about it upon seeing my FB status. She said she would like to go and see see also.

So, i asked for permission to bring a girlfriend along and yes, they allowed. Our seats are being reserved! OH YAY!

I'm beginning to see some sparks in my life now!!! :)

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