Friday, October 15, 2010

My driving license

In another 1 month & 6 days, my driving license will be officially 8 years old!!! =D


Yes, i got my license when i was 18 years old, in less 4 months after my 18th birthday. Passed on my 1st attempt (with 12 demerit points). Heehee

I'm like that. When i wanna achieve something, i'll put in all my time & effort to do it. And i'm lucky becos my parents wanted me to get a license too and they sponsored me for it.

P/S : During that time, there was only one type of license; 'manual'. No such things as 'auto' license where you can only drive an auto car.

In fact, i got my license one year earlier than my husband & he took TP twice! So everytime when he comments that 'lady drivers are lousy', i'll shoot him back! LOL

Yes, some drivers are really lousy but it's not only ladies mah! Some male drivers are also very lousy lor! Nowadays, lady drivers quite 'sut' wan okay?

During these 8 years, i've a clean records of zero demerit points (24 points lah!) every year. *Choy! Touchwood!* Not bad hor?!

Hope it can remain 'shun shun' all the way! ^^

加油 to those taking their lessons now & good luck to those taking their TP soon!


  1. HAHA babe!!! Your this post motivates me alot man!! my TP date drawing nearer!! OMGOMGOMG... hope i can also pass in one attempt!!!

  2. OMG. SO LONG LE?! I will never forget how dangerous you drove me around last time & scream at me when I fall asleep!!

  3. LOL!!!!! awww, tats bad of u to suan your sister over here ok. hahaha

  4. No lah, where got???

    I only blast that song (那就这样吧) mah...

    Nice hor?? :)

  5. Darren,

    She always lidat de mah. 习惯就好!!!

  6. Wow, how u feel when taking your TP....I now haven take TP already very stress liao during lesson...cos instructor complain say I got too many questions to ask everytime...haha...

    Also a bit stress loh, cos my few of my cousins 18yrs - 22yrs now taking also..I so worry I might need to take few time....

    btw, u took pte or sch???

  7. Hihi Angelyne,

    Hmm... I think nervous lor? But i managed to calm myself down before the test started. Cannot get stress or nervous de! Sure fail. Cos the testers will see you like 'buay zai' mah.

    I took school de cos last time for private, the test dates must wait for super long, at least 6 mths de!

    I don't have fixed instructors de and i don't ask them any questions. Usually is they keep telling me this and that. :)

    When is your test date?? GOOD LUCK! Don't be stress and nervous, relaxxxxxxxxxxx!

  8. Hihi

    Ok, got to try to relax....hehe...I starting no fixed instructors but after stage 3.3 I found out that a lot of things in stage 1 & 2 the previous instructors didnt really teach me loh.... So after that I decide to fixed 2 of them cos they really gd is teaching and picking the bad points I a bit more but understand more...

    Mine in mid rushing to finish last 5 practical and 1 auto lesson...then done...then prepare for revision lesson....

    Hope can clear the bad points is on parking and I check blindspot too long...hehe and lane change...

    U go BBDC sch???

    pai seh I say so much

  9. Yeap, BBDC!

    Hahaha i opposite from you leh, i always forget to check blindspots. The rest i okay. Parking wise, need more practice. Once you catch the 'trick', it's very easy! :)

    JIA YOU!! U can do it de! Waiting for your gd news!

  10. Hehe...same sch...a lot people learning now...I see a lot ladies abt 40 to 50 yrs old one...I really salute to them..

    Yeah...Hope pratice can make perfect cos different instructor teach different method...really is die man...

    Thanks thanks...Hope so I can...U see my FB if really I pass..I post there...haha

    thanks a lot for yr info..


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