Thursday, October 21, 2010


My girl has this habit of saying, "我没有这个 leh,你可以买给我吗?" whenever she wants to buy something.

This sentence doesn't works on me at all. How can one possibly have everything in the world? It's not as if we're duper rich and stays in duper big house. Also, kids are kids, obviously they want everything cos they are curious. And if they were to get everything they want, they won't cherish anything. They will turn into a spoilt brat. Agree? Parents play an important role in the up-bringing of your kids.

But no matter how many times i reminded my husband about this, he will still repeat and repeat doing it again and again. =.= I really vomit blood! 有苦难言. Sigh

Sometime ago, Raeann mentioned that she wanted a rabbit. And her dad really bought two real rabbits for her yesterday.


In this type of breed but not this one!

I asked him not to buy. He insisted, so i told him that he cannot put them at my house. He put at CCK lor and just as i expected, his parents kpkb! I feel that it's just a very normal reaction. But eventually, they accepted it lah, cos afterall he's like the king of the house. He said he's going to take care of them. I told him, "we shall see, at the most for two months only lah". Not that i looked down on him, but his character is like that. He will buy buy buy, then make others busy for nothing.

I've also warned him. In future if we have our own house, no pets, fishes, plants, tortise, etc etc allowed. He asked me what if Raeann wants it? I said NO means NO.

I don't like all these things. What for make myself busier when i'm already so busy? It's not as if i've no kid, then need all these for companion. I think he's too free already, don't need to look after Raeann, that's why always got time to think of all these rubbish. Am i not right?

And also, Raeann has got enzema, she can't get close to animals fur. So i'm not going to allow her to carry the rabbits lor. If he wanna let her do it behind my back and anything happen (CHOY!), i'll hold him responsible.


  1. tot u have a dog?

  2. Yea, family dog. But I never get close to her de ever since raeann is born. And I seldom let Raeann touch her also. Even if she does, I'll wash her hand immediately.

    That time Raeann has this skin allergy and I brought her to so many doctors. She then eventually recovered from a skin specialist's medication.

    They said is from dog's fur. Ever since then, I forbid her to get close to animals.

  3. hi, rabbits breed very fast & easily, and they have a lifespan of around 10 years. if you don't want the house to be flooded with baby rabbits, it's best to ensure that you have two bucks or two does. if you have one of each, then sterilise the buck. the procedure is relatively fast and straight forward at the vet's, and it'll save you a massive headache from trying to rehome the baby rabbits when they arrive - and they will, if you have a male/female pairing. good luck and enjoy them.

  4. i can reco u a very good doctor, my bf has this skin allegery too, after seeing him, its controlled. If you need the address let me know =) u know whr to find me hahahah

  5. Hi R L,

    According to the previous owner hor, this type of rabbits very difficult to breed. The owner bought to breed but still fail after so long and that's why he decided to sell it off.

    And he said, we must get two of different 'genders'. If same, they will fight till die de! =.=

    Anyway, it's at my hus's place so non of my biz at all! =X

  6. Sera, she's fine now!! TOUCHWOOD!! I spent alot of money that time lor... :(


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