Thursday, October 28, 2010

Very the random...

Okay, i just went to my sis's blog and 'kop' some pics from there.

It was only till last night then i know what's the actual model of the camera my hus bought & has been raving about.

It's this!

Sony NEX-5K/S


Too tiny, can't see clearly.

Went to google search for it...


Compact with Interchangeable Lens
DSLR Quality Photography
Effortless Panoramic Shot
Full HD Movie Recording

Alright, just gotta admit, this is really a very good camera. Maybe i should just take and use it. Maybe i should bring it to the cosmetic launch this coming Saturday cos i might be able to take some good pictures out of it. Maybe...

Erm, i don't know how to use it at all leh! I don't even know where's the power on/off. LOL! Later bring liao then shame myself. Hahahahaha

Yeah, i'm a real noob when comes to all these gadgets.



Yesterday, i received the 6 boxes of falsies that i ordered from MyPrettyLashes last week! ^^

Good quality, i knew it just by looking at it. (I don't mean i'm pro in this but being a falsies user for so long, i'm sure of my own judgement.)

The patterns of falsies are what i've been always looking for, long & thick & straight. I don't like criss cross.

Seller is prompt, fast, sweet, pretty, friendly, approachable & helpful. She's one of the mummies blogger with 2 very very adorable & pretty/handsome kids. I guess many of you know who is she already. Haha

Ladies, get your lashes from her if you need. She'll give more discount if you buy more. That's one of the reason i bought 6 boxes at once, more discount mah! Hahaha

Ok, click below now!!!


  1. i tried model21 falsies but the lash bone is too thick and not suitable for my eyeline :/ probably due to my short eyelines ~_~

    did u try double layers before?

  2. Eh, i like thick lash bone leh, the lash more lasting and won't get out of shape easily.

    My eyeline also not long mah...

    I never try double layer before but i saw it on YouTube video... It's very nice but also quite kua zhang... Great for clubbing though...

  3. may i ask, your opinion what is the code no what for the falsies look nicer, as in long and thick? What is the code are u currently using?


  4. Hi anonymous,

    Personally, I love no. 16 & 17! Cos it's very full and long! :)

    But this is definitely not for natural look. I haven start using it yet but the moment I saw no. 16 & 17, I knew it will be nice liao... Heehee

  5. Thanks for sharing. :p


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