Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wedding bell is ringing...


My house is filled with people now! I could hear loud laughters from my room. Everyone's so excited over tomorrow. Weet!


My girl's very excited too, she doesn't want to sleep yet and is disturbing me right now. I'm gonna force her to bed now as she needs to wake up early tomorrow. Will be a long and tired day for her cos she will be the 花童 at night. I hope she can tahan, be good & obedient. :)

My dear bro & sis-in law, congratulation to both of u! 祝你们早生贵子!!!

Com'on readers & friends, leave them a well wishes comment! Thank you! :)

Edited : 12:11am

Oh, forgot to mention, it's actually my bro's (groom) birthday today (24th Oct) too!!! They deliberately hold their wedding on some important date so in future they won't forget about their wedding anniversary. Idea hor? My sis-in-law can save one present too! Haha

Happy Birthday bro!!!

P/S : I see so many people online now, but non left a comment! :(


  1. Marriage is not when one completes the other, but is when both share their completeness. Congratulations to a WONDERFUL COUPLE.

  2. Cheers on your brother & sister-in-law's wedding! Here's wishing them a happy, committed and fruitful married life together. =)

  3. Thank you Anonymous & R L. Your wishes will be greatly appreciated by them! :)

  4. wishing ur bro n sis in law a blissful n happy marriage..早生贵子 so tat ur princess will hv a little cousin to play with..

  5. Wow.... congrats to ur bro and sis-in-law. Wishing them a blissful marriage! :)

  6. congrats to your bro and sil... btw, its my 6th wedding anni too :)

  7. Congrats to your bro and sil. Wishing both of them a blissful marriage!

  8. so will u b posting up those photos??

  9. i also wanna say congrats to them! last time we were just in our sec sch now we are adults -_-

    lao liao le.

  10. Mummy, congrats to your bro & wife. Wishing them a blissful marriage.


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