Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm so desperate...

Without my phone!!! Urghhhh! I need to complain to get the frustration off my chest!

I've been using this phone line for more than 10 years. It's under my mum's name cos that time, I was too young to apply for a line. I can't bear to change it away becos I love my number, it's very easy to remember!

But today, StarHub pissed me off real badly. Ccb!

My bro also has a line under my mum's name. And today, StarHub terminated EVERYTHING (internet & SCV included) under my mum's name due to HIS outstanding bill.

Our phone lines are under separate account and my bill is always paid on time. So why the fuck they terminate my line?

I called them at 1633 once today in the noon, they put me to speak with a higher position person. And that person insisted me to call another number in order to connect back my line. That fucking number put me on hold for 30 minutes and yet, nobody picked it up! I hung up without speaking to anyone. Thus, my line is still 'terminated' as of now.

I AM SI BEI DULAN! It's like non of my fucking business at all and I've to bear with all these nonsenses? It's VERY unfair to me!

It's so embarrassing to get line terminated at such age, as if I'm too poor to pay my hp bill lidat! People who don't know the story will confirm say i use iPhone, take branded but no money pay phone bill. FML!

I'm not going to use StarHub anymore! I'll either get a new line or transfer my number to SingTel! I won't let such thing happen again.

Going crazy soon cos I can't make important call & SMS to anyone! HELP!!!!!




Japan Disneysea

Date: 8th November 2006

I was browsing through the pics from my last Japan trip just now... I then realized that the month i went that year (2006) was also on November. My last trip before i was officially a Mrs. It's quite sad & pity cos i took only 200+ pics for the entire trip. Then again, the camera was so lousy (forgot which camera liao), all the pics we took doesn't look appealing at all! And also, LIM-BU WAS DAMN FAT LAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FML! Alright, i'll show you all the pics now. Laugh all you want ba!


I forgot that i actually took pics with Chip 'n Dale that time. It's lim-bu de favourite okay!

Different clothings, different time, same day. So colorful man, their clothes!

Even Mickey & Minnie's clothes are also more colorful there... 

What the hell is this thing?



Pluto! My favourite family pic that year!

I ♥ JAPAN TTM LAH!!! When will i have the chance to go again??? The first time i went was when i was 15 YO (if i didn't remember wrongly) and 7 years later (2006), i went again. Does it means that i've to wait for another 7 years (from 2006) then i got the chance to go again? Let me count ah... 3 MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!! Okay, I WILL WAIT! Meanwhile, i'll just travel to other asia countries first bah.

Oh yah! I'll be going overseas again next month from 23rd till 26th! X'mas at Thailand (Hai yat)!!!!!!!!!! This time round, is with my parents, their friends, ZY & Raeann. It's not me who wanna go de hor, it's my hubby hor, he asked when my parents were still at Shanghai. Wah sian, need to pack luggage again! FML! So hate it!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Grand-est Malay Wedding

This is a fucking bo liao post and i bet it will makes you people go 'CHEY' while reading it! LOL

But whatever lah, i don't care. Once in awhile must beat around the bush to attract attention mah. Heehee
NNBCB! FUCK MAN! I realized that my photobucket bandwidth exceeded when i tried to upload pics!!! Now i've got NO CHOICE but to upgrade my account, otherwise ALL my previous pictures cannot be viewed! How wonderful is that? And WTF is bandwidth har? I tried to delete one whole album (500+ pics inside), the bandwidth is still exceeded. =.=

Fuck it lah, i just paid and upgraded. Everything is money & MONEY! CB!
Alright, back to some bo-liao-beating-around-the-bush nonsenses now!

I (finally) bought this dress from HanaSecret at a steal! $10!!! I've been eyeing for it since June lor! Luckily i never buy that time cos it's on sales now! =D

And and, i love full length mirror! I went to my bro's room to take this pic cos his room has one, i don't have! :(



I went to Las Vegas to be hostress for a night!!!
I went to Las Vegas to be hostress for a night!!!
I went to Las Vegas to be hostress for a night!!!
I went to Las Vegas to be hostress for a night!!!
I went to Las Vegas to be hostress for a night!!!

Just kidding lah!

I was there at the hotel beside Las Vegas nightclub to attend a wedding (my coll's daughter) on behalf of my boss whom are my parents lah. Actually, i need not have to attend all these if my bro's around (he's in India right now) cos he will do the job. I don't like! Although i'm a very friendly person, i'm not an attention seeker. I don't like to be center of attraction, i don't like to mix around & i don't like to entertain. Nonetheless, it was the grand-est Malay wedding i've ever attended!

Held at this Indonesia restaurant inside Furama Riverfront Hotel.

Wedding favours displayed on every tables.

Buffet (my 3rd buffets last week)!!! ZY ate alot alot despite having tummy upset. LOL

I fell in love with their dessert corner, especially their goreng pisang & kuey lapis. I've always been a sucker for malay desserts.

比比看, 谁的肚子比较大? LOL

I feel like growing long fringe for Raeann, what do u all think? Ok ma?

Raeann is damn funny lah. She saw this girl with tiara, she (Raeann) thought she's the bride & wanted to take a pic with her. Then when people agreed and stood up, preparing to take pic, she shifted herself bit by bit to the wall, she was SHY lor! I asked her why she do that, she gave me a lame excuse. She said must hold onto the wall (like what she's doing inside the pic) if not will fall down (不然会跌倒). =.=

This baby boy damn chubby and cute and doesn't look like a malay at all.

A box of rocher was given to each of us and the lolly cookie was given to Raeann. Wah seh, really 下重本 leh!

She is forever my cheeky lil' precious.

Miss cheeky is going to PCF aka PAP nursery next year! Brought her to buy her uniforms this morning. Just the material fees, uniform, insurance and don't know what but excludes the monthly school fee costed me about $220. Stupid ZY don't want to pay! TMD!

The uniforms must/should last her for 3 years but i bought the smallest size for her cos one size bigger looks very cheena, the skirt so long. Now, i don't like to be kiasu and buy one size bigger for her anymore. I used to do that and end up, she has so many clothes inside the wardrobe but can't wear! And i'll FORGET about it! Also, small girls should not dress like an ah-soh lor; skirt long long, tuck in high high, spec big big, etc! It's so... WTF right? If next year she can't wear then i'll buy again! Sorry ah, although i'm an auntie, i don't save this kind of money. Okay, FML, i can't be thrifty at all!

There i was at Las Vegas!


I was there on Saturday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woooohoooo, happening si bo! LOL

Keep you all in suspense first, more details soon.

Good night world. I'm off to bed. :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

What's wrong with me?

OMFG! What's going on with my body??? I'm having my 3rd menstruations (in this month) now. Issit caused by the flight pressure? Or issit due to stress? Sigh

Told my hubby just now, he asked me to visit a gynae to check. I can feel his concern for me. HAHAHA

I told Raeann that my body is spoil already and i'm unable to give birth to a mei mei to play with her (cos she is always asking about this) liao. Her reply was, "你快点去看医生啦, 你的身体没有坏了才生一个妹妹给我!". -___-||

Please hor, i'm not being 夸张 okay! It's my FIRST time encountering such thing lor. My period is always very regular wan leh!

But on the other hand, i don't think i'll be visiting a gynae to check lah! Cos hor, somehow i feel that this is NORMAL and there's no need to get 大惊小怪 over it leh!

Side track : Aiyo, i'm still unable to get over the HORROR phobia from my first pregnancy, how ah? The morning, afternoon & evening sickness. The fever, vomitting and tiredness. The bubble inside the brain, 抽羊水 & 2 weeks of constant crying. And many many many more! Chills run down my spine at the thought of it! :(

Friday, November 26, 2010


Yesterday noon, when i was still editing the HK pics halfway, Sera suddenly msn me and said "congrats". Becos of my blog, i neglected my FB. For the past few days, i logged in like once in the morning for less than 5mins only. So i really don't know what's happening on FB at all unless i happened to see it.

So i asked Sera what did she congrats me for har? LOL She told me about the TSS post on FB so i went to see. And i was telling her, "maybe it's not me cos i haven receive any email yet". Shortly after, i received this email...


Okay, i'm in the top 3 and i won myself a Biore hamper! Woooohooooo! And oh ya, there will be a review on Ginvera products coming up soon! Actually, i think the hamper and products are already at my house! Let me go home & see what i can share with u readers, alright? :)

Edited : 11:19pm

Thank you The Sample Store and Kao Biore for choosing me to be one of the top 3 bloggers with the best review for Biore Make Up Remover. I'm so proud and elated to be among one of them! =D


All these Biore products were sent to my place via courier today.

So many awesome products for me to try/use again! I being to love blogging more and more now! Hahaha Yes yes, gimme more advertorials or sponsored reviews please! ^^

However, i might not be able to take up all advertorials or sponsored reviews that was offered to me becos of my super tight schedule everyday. You know lah, i've to send and pick my precious everyday and i've a full time job lor! Sometimes, my job is 'eng' so i'll have time to do my own things in the office. But at times, i'll be asked to run errands whole day on the road and thus, i'll have no time to do anything at all! Understand me okay? I'll be glad to take up every single ads or sponsored reviews that was offered to me also lor. Oh god, i need 48 hours a day!

Alright, enough of my redundant rants, back to Biore now! As mentioned above, i'll share my prize with you all! But then hor, becos all the products are in full size, it's quite heavy and i don't know how much postage i gotta pay lor! Therefore, i'm only sharing ONE of the products with ONE lucky reader! :)



This is for UNISEX!
How to win?

Check 'I like this!' on this post, leave a comment "I LOVE BIORE" with your email address and you're done!

ONE winner will be chosen randomly.

Simple right? Moreover, normal postage will be borne by me! :)

Contest will end on 1st December 2010, 12pm.

Anyone can participate! Com'on! Be spontaneous ya?

Discover Hong Kong - Day 5 (20th November 2010)

Shopping & Home Sweet Home

We had a total of 4 rooms, two rooms have to check out at 12pm and the other two rooms at 2pm. Mine was at 12pm but we checked out at 11am cos I WANT TO GO SHOPPING! And there was coach picking us up at 12:40pm to airport when our flight was at 4pm! =.=

However, they decided not to take the coach as it was too early and booked the hotel mini bus at 2pm instead. We were only informed by the receptionist about it when we were doing our check-out. Initially, i told ZY that i didn't want to have my brunch becos i wanted to make full use of the time to shop! Moreover, we have plenty of time at the airport (if we were to go at 12:40pm) and we could just eat there what! But since we were leaving only at 2pm, ZY must eat first, he buay tahan hunger wan. We had KFC, i only ate the egg tart though. Heehee


The black black thing that i'm wondering what issit for days? Guess?


It's maple syrup! At first we were thinking is brown sugar lo! Very nice leh! How come SG don't have har?

After eating, SHOPPING TIME! Fuck man, i was left with less than 2 hours only!


The things in this shop are all very princessy and sweet!


I bought quite a few items at Sanrio!


Just beside Sanrio, there are plenty of beautiful luggages! Not very expensive, about S$100+ only!


There's a link to this shopping mall; Citylink Plaza. All the branded shops are there! Very expensive lah!

Due to not enough time, i simply grabbed everything that i liked! Of cos, i looked at the price first! If it's not cheap and i can get it in SG, i never buy lah! What's the point right? So stupid lidat! Time passed by so fast and it was time to leave for airport liao! :( How come when you're shopping, the time always passes so fast de???


At 2pm sharp, this mini bus came and sent us to the airport! We really took all sorts of public transports there lor!


Even till the airport, we were still rushing!!! Luckily my SIL's familiar with HK and helped us to buy their famous 老婆饼. She bought a total of 35 boxes which costed S$500+!!!!!! Si bei expensive leh! Me and ZY took 10 boxes. Also not enough lor! After giving here and there, i'm left with 2 boxes for my friends only. FML lah! How to give lidat! I've came across people opening up a box and give 1-2 pieces to each friend only. Sorry ah, i feel that's damn niao leh. If that's the case, i might as well don't give lor!


Byebye Hong Kong! May we have the chance to meet again! =D


This morning, this girl just told me that she wants to go HK & meet Mickey Mouse again. LOL I asked her to tell my dad tonight to bring her to Japan to meet Mickey Mouse instead. My dad will definately bring her there if there's a chance! She's like my parents' another daughter lo! Mummy called her almost everyday from Shanghai! Hahaha They are coming back today, we'll be going airport to pick them up tonight! =D


ZY bought this watch from Inflight Sales. He said it's very chio but i know he won't wear de lor! He bought becos he got alot of HKD left! =.= But i think Melissa took it liao cos she likes it!


And i bought this! Same like him, i bought becos i've got HKD left! LOL Till now, it's unopened yet, still in plastic wrapper. Maybe i can sell it away? Maybe i can give to whoever as birthday present? Maybe i should just keep it as a souvenir for myself? Maybe, maybe! =P


These are my last minute shopping loots! Fast anot? Hahahaha

The two cute bags are for Raeann and Ashlyn for their school next year! Those cosmetics are for myself and friends becos it's cheaper there! Before going HK, i bought one KATE eyeshadow palette from Watsons to try and i find it damn good! I recommended it to Trix too! Then i saw it at HK Sasa, selling S$8 cheaper!!! I grabbed 3 pcs at one shot immediately, one is for Trix! =) The leopard print and hello kitty cosmetic pouches, i also don't know i buy for what? =.= And guess what's inside that blue bag?!


It's CathyCat (a long-time brand from Korea) blusher! Very chio right? And it's so cheap, only about S$23! And i don't think it's available in SG! :) It's my BEST buy in HK liao!

~ The End ~

Summary for this whole trip :

Overall, it's not as bad as i expect, i expected it to be worse lah! At least...
  1. I learnt that Raeann has got no problem taking a flight and adapting herself overseas.
  2. I learnt that bringing kids from 2-5 years old are really troublesome and 烦.
  3. I learnt that too many kids cannot travel together becos one do, all follow.
  4. I learnt that it's actually okay to travel with my ILs, i just have to shut my ears, talk only when necessary and be more chin-chai.
  5. I learnt that Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is really pretty.
  6. I learnt that it's totally NOT advisable to bring kids to Ocean Park, waste time & money only.
  7. I learnt that 5 days are NOT enough in HK unless there's no intention to do any sightseeing at all.
  8. I learnt that it's NOT fun and enjoyable to rush here & there (everyday) during a holiday trip.
  9. I learnt that a holiday trip without shopping is a total torture for me.
You know, i've been wondering, issit becos of the place itself or the tight schedules or the companions or the kids that i find that Hong Kong is no fun at all??? I seriously don't know. If there's a chance, i wish to go there again with my friends! Maybe i'll have a different perception then! :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Discover Hong Kong - Day 4 (19th November 2010)

Ocean Park & Visiting ZY's relatives at Sheung Wan

Frankly speaking, i can't remember clearly what we did at Ocean Park. In fact, how i remembered Disneyland so clearly was becos i referred to the pics i took, not becos i've sucha good memory. My memory sucks!

But at Ocean Park, it was quite messy. How to say leh? Hmm... Like you entered a Panda area but u will see other animals first then see one pathetic panda there. Then suddenly the route is linked to a Fish area. Then walk walk walk, suddenly you will see panda again. Hmm... Weird right? So the order of the pics i took was in a mess and i can't seem to recall anything out from it!

Anyway, i shall just blog whatever i can recall, with pics! :)

A coach picked us up from our hotel at 9am to Ocean Park. Journey took about one hour cos the bus detoured to a few places to pick others up too! And here we are! :)



Ocean Park is bigger than Disneyland but their admission is cheaper and thus explained the big big big crowds. Really alot alot alot of people. I was so worried that Raeann will get lost! And luckily, i was wearing only a dress, if not i think i'll be melted to death. It's soooooooooooooooooo HOT!


Decided to have our breakfast here first!


Panda custard bun!


The very very expensive rice that costed HKD88 (about S$14.86) which ZY has been kp-ing to everyone about! The portion is HUGE that i think 3 ladies can share a plate. I can't finish even though i shared it with Raeann. And just by eating this, abit dim sums and drinks, this meal costed S$200+ for 8 adults, kids excluded cos share mah! WOW, no wonder my husband can't stop harping on this! LOL

Okie, we started our Ocean Park adventures here...


If u see this, u thought u will see alot alot of pandas right? But no leh!


Saw this first instead! Then there was one pathetic panda at another corner! I didn't bother to resize that pic cos it looked really pathetic. Hahahaha Then after that hor...


Suddenly got fish wan!


Did u see yours truely big name there? Heehee

After passing by 2 big fish tanks, you will walk to...


A panda gift shop!!! =.=


Oei, Raeann, can u see mummy?? LOL

Aftermath, you will then walk to a cold cold space whereby you can see 2 pandas in there!!!


Tell me lah, messy or not?


Tio spotted drowning herself with Sprite! Weather really very hot lor!


The jellyfish are amazing pretty leh!


This is my favourite family photo. Yes, i know, ZY don't know looking at where again. But then, isn't it normal? He always do that what! It's my favourite not becos i think i'm pretty but becos Raeann's smiling so sweetly! :)


Many many many fishes!


Then there's this fun-fair games area! One game for HKD50 (about S$8.44)! So expensive man! ZY don't know spent how much on these games lor!


Raeann's very funny lah! She saw people drawing this, she said she also want to draw then she went to queue up and wait! She stayed there patiently for more than half an hour! And when it was her turn, she just sat there quietly and let the uncle draw! LOL


Everyone said it really looks like her! What say u?


Dolphin was the last we saw at Ocean Park!

We decided to skip all the adult games and left early instead of waiting for the coach to come & pick us at 6:30pm. Becos with all the kids around, it's very difficult to queue and play. And my FIL wanted to visit his sister whom residing there! So, we took a public bus to the nearest MTR station, then took MTR to Sheung Wan, ZY's gugu's medical shop is located there!

During the bus ride, Raeann fell asleep on my arms and thus, i carried her all the way to/on the MTR until we reached there. ZY never take any pictures until we were on the MTR. And it was me who reminded him. I asked him that don't he think he should take out the camera to take some photos to keep as remembrance that we took MTR in HK?



And these were what he took! =.=

When we were reaching gugu's shop, Raeann finally woke up! OMG! I almost died man!


Then gugu brought us to take a tram to her house! OMG! First time in my life ever! But after we alighted from the tram, we walked about 6339284m before reaching her house. So far can! Many slopes somemore! Imagine she walk lidat everyday? Wah lau! She won't get fat for sure!


Sit, relax, talk, sing song and waited for everyone to knock off at blardy 8pm, we had our dinner here!



Really can't stand this girl leh. First time see people only and acted like 老朋友 lidat! LOL


I don't know what the hell they ordered, the dishes just kept coming, never-ending wan. Somemore all the portions were damn huge! I think they mistaken us as sumos leh! So many, see liao also feel like puking lor! End up, they 打包 back home!



Actually, we wanted to go 女人街 for shopping after the dinner. But they dili-dali until 10+pm then decided to leave. No cab wanted to send us there lor!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( We have to take tram followed by MTR back! However, 5 of us took a different MTR line to 女人街, we don't want to give up lah! By the time we reached there, its almost 12am. MOST of the shops have closed and as we walked, those haven close were closing! We didn't managed to buy anything at all!

Day 4 ended just lidat! I'M SO SAD THAT I'VE GOT NO TIME FOR SHOPPING!!! :(