Monday, November 15, 2010

5 days of non-blogging life!

Hello all, it's 2:19am right now. Shall blog something before i sleep! :)

I've been blogging so actively these few days even though it's weekend cos i don't know if i'm able to blog when i'm at HK or not. I'll not be bringing my laptop, the only internet access i have is my phone. But it's sucha bitch to blog with phone, i feel. Maybe i'm just not used to it. I've been so attached to my blog lately that i wonder if i'm able to get use to that 5 days or not. Sigh

Please don't miss me too much! HAHAHAHAHA

Anyway, this probably could be my last post before i leave SG! As i'm still half-way through packing the luggage and i've tons of things to do tomorrow, i don't think i've got time to blog unless i don't intend to sleep and 'dong' through the entire night.

It's not my fault that i took so long to pack the luggage becos there are alot of missing clothes; not dry, not iron, don't know where, etc etc. You all should know why lah! =.=

I'll not be working tomorrow and i decided not to let Raeann attend school also. Cos...
  1. My aunt is at Genting now, i'm too busy tomorrow so i've no time to rush up & down to send & pick her to & fro school.
  2. My parents just touched down and reached home at around 11pm just now. They misses Raeann so much that the moment they stepped into the house, they came and look for her in my room. So i decided to let Raeann accompany them as we'll be flying on Tuesday morning. We'll be leaving the house as early as 6am.
  3. I need to dig out all the clothes and continue packing up the rest.
  4. Even though i'll not be working full day tomorrow, i still need to go back office to clear up some stuffs else i won't be able to travel at ease.
  5. I need to make a trip to the east to collect something. I might need to pick up ZY too as he will be leaving his car at workshop.
Time is really fucking rush tomorrow. Thank god ZY is smart enough to send all his pets to 'chalet' just now. Yes yes, all his pets went for a short break too. Haha! His dog is placed at a Pets Hotel, tortises at fish farm (with his friends) and his beloved rabbits at my place loh! =.=

My husband is damn smart lor... He called up Bo without my knowledge to persuade her to look after the rabbits for him. And since he treats Bo so nice, of cos she agreed lah! I was only informed after they come to an agreement. What a smart move man!

The rabbits are his gems/precious/babies okay! Seriously, he did not even take care of Raeann so well when she was a baby lor! FHL man. But nanny ZY failed his job, all the 7 baby rabbits died. :( The last one died today! Aiyo. I wonder why leh...

Maybe becos nanny ZY too over already. Over-feed, over-paranoid, over-concern & over-everything. He's so punctual in feeding them milk lor, every 3 hours. And if he's outside, he will rush home before 3 hours! Haha

Then ah, he's worried that the baby rabbits will get cold as they don't have any fur yet and thus, he placed cottons all over and covered them, like their blanket. LOL

But still, a few of them died within one day. So my sis-in-law told him not to be so over, just let the mother rabbit take care and feed it's own babies. You know what he said???

He said, "those baby rabbits still so small & their eyes still close leh, they cannot even see where is their mother's neh neh (i don't really remember what he termed it as, but confirm is breast lo), how to drink?". And he insisted that he must feed or else they would die from hunger.


Luckily i'm not there, else i'll laugh till my teeth drop. What a funny husband i have! Can someone kindly explain to him? That all babies are the same? They recognise their parents by their smell and feeling de mah. WAH LAU EH!

Here's pictures of his two precious rabbits!


Raeann named one 'ah dang' and the other one 'ding dang'. Yes lah, the names come from Doraemon (xiao ding dang) lah!

Alright people, i need to sleep now, didn't really sleep well these few days. Good night & good bye (just in case i really don't have time to bid goodbye tomorrow)! I'll bring back some goodies for you readers! Stay tuned alright! :)


  1. Hahah Ur hus damn funny lah!
    but very sweet, like will tk cr of the rabbits.
    I used to have hamsters too, & my hus is just like ur hus.
    will tk cr of them, wash their big cage(he nv even wash the milk bottles before!!!) & check on them every now & then.
    but we gave them away as my inlaws KPKB saying dirty n scare the kids will get sick.

  2. Hanor! Very weird isn't it? Aren't taking of pets worse than taking care of kids? Yet they can do it so willingly. My hus is the one feeding, cleaning, bathing and doing everything for them de lor.

    I think hamsters are cute! I would prefer hamsters, i used to have them when i was young. But when they died, i cried like mad, that's why i don't like to have pets de. I don't wish to see them die.


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