Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another long weekend!

I just saw Vincent's status on msn : 面子是人给的,脸是自己丢的!

How true huh? LOL

Anyway, it's holiday tomorrow! YAY! Long weekend again!

We'll be having a private celebration tomorrow for dad's first company. It's the 35th anniversary this coming Saturday! :) We've got Sammi's concert on that day and that's why the celebration was brought forward, just to compromise us.

ZY brought us out for dinner last night. We did a lil' shopping after dinner and thus, i missed out the first 15 mins of that 9pm show. :( What happen ah? Why that Wing Tak suddenly in jail? Can someone tell me???

Anyway, i bought these last night! =D

ZY said, "Wah, 你的东西买不完的 hor!". HAHAHA


Guardian promotion @ $2.80 per box (2 pcs in a box).

Tried the birdnest one last night. There's really birdnest scent de lor!


Daiso @ $2! I haven tried this though... Anyone tried before? Good?

Edited : 3:48pm


Raeann requested to buy "makeup" last night. She told me she wanna put on makeup to school. Hahaha

Guess she will only apply the green one!!! LOL


  1. realy funny lei,
    how cum raeann really like grn? i mean totally don understand...

  2. ah tang told the pai zhang and the other gongfu masters to tell the truth if they wan their close ones to be alive and not dead. so they told the truth and the so called FBi came wanted to catch him. then he wanted to rebel and run and ah zhang gave him 一掌, and he fell and got caught by police lor..

  3. Joyce,

    Me neither. I never buy her any 'green' stuffs de lor.

  4. Ooooooo Huishan, thanks thanks! I can't wait for Sunday so i can watch them all over again!!! =D


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