Tuesday, November 2, 2010



One BLOG HOPPER just told me that i look like a Thai transvetite with heavy makeup on! LOL

How to define heavy or light? My makeup is the same everyday leh. I think i look like a Thai transvetite everyday lah! MOST of the Thai transvetites are chio wan lor, so proud to be one! And the best part is, I'M AN AUTHENTIC WOMAN. :)

Aiyo, just becos of an ANONYMOUS Flying Falsie drawing can create sucha big hoo ha. Should i laugh or cry? LOL

I read those comments till my head's spinning. Very messy, so many anonymous! Those people TALK so loud here using stupid nicks are real FUNNY.

They basically get affected and angry in EVERYTHING i post but they still read it everyday & every hour.

It's simply EVERY ANONYMOUS that i complained/commented about, MUST be someone's wife. HAHAHA

And they sound as though before i can post anything, i need to ask them for permission first. If that post is not to their liking, i've to be prepared to take their comments.


Okay lah, put those crazy people aside now. I received some good news from Kao Biore. Will announce when everything's confirmed! Heehee

P/S : I've changed my comment setting. Only those with a Google account can comment. Becos i don't wish any Annoyed-mous to come here & kpkb. :)

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