Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This cb Wing Tak is damn fucking irritating. I always get duper angry when I watch this show. I feels that he resembles someone (guessing again??). I hope he die, seriously. He got those super kiam pah face. NNB. The show always end at the most exciting part. Urghhhhhhhh!

The Koo family damn ko lian leh!

And Kevin Cheng is so yandao. Can't believe he's 41 already. Aiyo. I wonder how he maintained. Must learn some tricks!

I want to 'maintain' my hb as well! I better don't be so mushy else people will get eye sore if they see us too loving. Some people can't wait to see us divorce, I wonder why. Does my marriage affects them in any way? *scratch head*

Anyway, I wanna announce something. Kao Biore had choosen me (my pic), this 人妖, as one of the 3 bloggers to be featured on their wobbler. Seriously, I don't know what's a wobbler, issit something like a board??? But I know it will be display at Watsons, NTUC & etc during December. :))))

Aiyo, will people who dislike me steal me home to throw darts at me??? Hahaha

So happi that there are people who actually appreciates my 人妖 looks!!!


Don't ya love my life?

A flying kiss to those who loves me! :))))


  1. Paiseh if I write the title wrongly. Correct me if i am wrong okie?

  2. wooohooooo, all this troublemakers make me have to go sigh up google.LOL. kao biore uses which pic ar? next time when i c your pic outside i will tell my frds that this lady is my sis! hahahaha!!!

  3. Heehee bro, i'll change the setting soon. I just want to see if they dare to reveal their real identity anot. Hahah, and it's proven, they don't dare. Cowards.

    Btw, if my pic not nice, don't tell people u know me okay? Cos in fact, i don't know what issit about also...

  4. Eh, yes this show is annoying.
    I AGREE WITH YOU for that annoying man's part. see liao really want to slap him man!!!

  5. Sharon, HANOR! Both the man and son look so IRRITATING. They got those 'come bash me up' face.

  6. i also can't stand Wing Tak!! let him faster die!! tonight is the last episode liao.. i hope ah zhang and ah yan can be togther!! Kevin Cheng is really so yan dao!! Drools*

  7. YA! Last tonight! Becos of this show, i everyday die die mus reach home before 9pm! HAHAHAH

  8. Lols!!! Wah nx time i c ur pic at Watson or wad i can tell ppl eh! That women is my friend! Lols

  9. Haha Lynn, if not nice don't say ok? Later paiseh! LOL


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