Saturday, November 13, 2010

So sian to pack luggage!

Rotting in front of my laptop now. Sigh! So boring! ZY is playing billiard with his friends now. He has been going out almost every night since his birthday eve. FHL man. He better be 'automatic' before i kp hor!

Wondering why i did not tag along? Issit becos he don't allow me to go? Nah! I never like to leech on him de, especially to billiard centre! Alot of people have said me regarding this liao! Say that i must follow and watch on him so that he won't be able to do any hanky panky outside. Aiya, i've got much better things to do lor. If he really want to do anything hor, no matter how close i watched on him, he will have his ways de lah. And if he really does so, it means that he has prepared to give up his daughter liao cos i'm sure Raeann will despise/hate him de (even he also said so leh).

We went to change HK currency just now. Changed a total of $3K SGD, don't know if it's enough or not. I heard from my friends that HK stuffs are not cheap, the price is about the same as SG. If that's the case, i don't think i'll buy alot! Isn't it stupid to buy there and carry all the way back if it's not any cheaper than here? See how ba!

I really pray that everything will be fine and smooth throughout this entire trip. I don't pin much hope of enjoying myself to the fullest there but i just hope that there won't be any arguements and disagreements, especially between me & ZY. I'll keep reminding myself to 忍!! In fact, Bobo can already forsee what will happen when we come back, me too! *CHOY* You all should know de lah, it's not easy to travel in a big group. That's why I HATE TOUR till now. Sigh

I've prepared one very long list of stuffs to pack into the luggage, super 夸张 man. I also don't know why? I just packed accordingly lor and i did not pack in any 'extra' this time round. But why is the list still so long? And never-ending lidat? SIAN SIAN SIAN.

I was telling ZY just now, that i won't be able to see my mum for about 3 weeks? Cos we will be departing the following day after she's back from Taiwan. And when we come back, she will be departing the next day to Shanghai again. Lidat plus minus about 3 weeks leh! I miss my mum! :(

Totally no mood for anything now. FML!


  1. hi babe, i've just came back from HK and things will be cheaper because of the exchange rate(i got mine at 5.95) But it's the fall/winter season now think you can *shao* more on cosmetics/skincare lo. Like shu umera cleansing oil is $30+ there while SG is selling 60+ and some items are cheaper by 20 bucks or more. The popular lancome teint miracle is only like $50 there and sg selling $65. My sis got one LV bag cheaper than sg by 100odds. If you have time, go to fa yuen street(prince ed there) and shop for cheaper clothing there. Bought clothing mainly from there. >3<

  2. Hihi babe,

    Thanks for your info. I changed at an exchange of 5.92 only, so sad! Hahaha

    The stuffs you mentioned, i don't use them at all wor. I think i'll sweep back alot eyeshadows or blusher only. =D

    Ya, i hope i can have my 'own' time there!


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