Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm so desperate...

Without my phone!!! Urghhhh! I need to complain to get the frustration off my chest!

I've been using this phone line for more than 10 years. It's under my mum's name cos that time, I was too young to apply for a line. I can't bear to change it away becos I love my number, it's very easy to remember!

But today, StarHub pissed me off real badly. Ccb!

My bro also has a line under my mum's name. And today, StarHub terminated EVERYTHING (internet & SCV included) under my mum's name due to HIS outstanding bill.

Our phone lines are under separate account and my bill is always paid on time. So why the fuck they terminate my line?

I called them at 1633 once today in the noon, they put me to speak with a higher position person. And that person insisted me to call another number in order to connect back my line. That fucking number put me on hold for 30 minutes and yet, nobody picked it up! I hung up without speaking to anyone. Thus, my line is still 'terminated' as of now.

I AM SI BEI DULAN! It's like non of my fucking business at all and I've to bear with all these nonsenses? It's VERY unfair to me!

It's so embarrassing to get line terminated at such age, as if I'm too poor to pay my hp bill lidat! People who don't know the story will confirm say i use iPhone, take branded but no money pay phone bill. FML!

I'm not going to use StarHub anymore! I'll either get a new line or transfer my number to SingTel! I won't let such thing happen again.

Going crazy soon cos I can't make important call & SMS to anyone! HELP!!!!!


  1. that happen to my hse too! y dad did not pay his bill and Starhub terminate the SCV despite us paying the bill on time! they event charge some connection fee to the bill and will only be remove after the hp bill is clear!

    I told them i will trasnfer the name out from my dad n the connection fee should be waive.. and they tell me YES!


  2. Seriously lor, they are damn fucked up! If they continue to do things this way, they gonna lose all their customers, I think.

    I don't know how much are they gonna charge me for reconnection but I need to reconnect it back in order to transfer it to another celcom. The thought of this made me feel like bashing someone.

    Tomorrow I'll spend all my time to call them and give them a good lashing. Come to think of it, those customer service officers quite ke lian also. Hahaha


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