Wednesday, November 3, 2010

If i were to blog like this EVERYDAY...

Happy 3+ years Anniversary, my dearest hubby. (I'm lazy to count the exact days!)

Thank you for buying me jersey, bra, ring, etc etc, i really love it alot! :)

Let me sing you a song, "I LOVE YOU, YOU LOVE ME, WE'RE HAPPY FAMILY".

I ♥ YOU!


Today my daughter grow up for another day le...

She's so cute, like a lil' princess. Everyone loves and pampered her alot. I try to control my temper and don't discipline her, buy her whatever she wants. Yesterday i just bought her a toy. Oh, she loves it so much. I hope she will grow up to be a good person this way. :)


Will you still read my blog??? If i were to blog lidat everyday, i'm sure not only my readers & friends, but my own husband will get goosebumps when he reads it.

This is not our style at all. We don't say I LOVE YOU to each other at all. And does it means by not saying I LOVE YOU means we don't love each other???

He loves me for who i am. He knows i'm not those mushy, soft, weak, act sweet and cute, loves to cry kind of charbor. He knows i'm not those housewife material either. I don't know how to cook. But so what? He's contented enough that i take good care of our daughter.

And does it means he don't care about me when he doesn't give his comment and speech here to speak up for me??? NO. If you realise, i'm not one who loves to get others involved in my own problem.

Who's crossing over whose line is fucking obvious here. By reading MY blog, you've already unintentionally crossed over MY line, get it?

I don't go to other's blog, using anonymous nick and post comments like, "Aiyer, your bf should leave you becos you look uglier than XU CHUN MEI" or " Oh my, i wonder what your hb sees in you cos you have a waist that looks like a bucket". DO I????

So just by commenting something related to falsie on MY own blog, i'm crossing over your line and being too much??? Was i even talking about you in the first place???

I blogged about my maid and hb, you people said i got menopause & asked me to reflect upon myself. HAHAHA

I cannot blog this, i cannot blog that. Teach me what to blog then??? Blog about YOU PEOPLE???? Is that what you all want, Ms XXX & Mr XXX? Com'on, it's not difficult at all to check who are those anonymous who left stupid comments like...

1) Anonymous said... In plain English, Joanne is a bitch. Thai transvetite. Muahahahahahahha

2) Anonymous said... Seriously are u having menopause? 三天两头attack people, ur maid, ur hubbie, ur friends. You need to reflect upon yourself.

3) Anonymous said... Oh A attack C and D attack A now 'B' attacks D? U forgot ms preacher taught us tat it's FREEDOM OF SPEECH? Now kena attacked not happy ah? Diary anyone?

Xiaxue's blog? No, joanne's blog is more fun. I find it hilarious tat she is taking part in all this. I mean nobody knows who I am, she is only disgracing herself by exposing herself to cruel facts pointed out by me. Best blog of the year? You bet! Joanne, I'm just getting warmed up. You want to quarrel we can do it all day long, all week long.

4) Anonymous said... Joanne, u underestimated me. U are immune to people calling you names and scolding you. But I know u hate people talking abt ur hb and daughter. Well tats what I'm gg to do. I will READ your every post and COMMENT on every post.

I knew who are these people. I can easily track them down becos this is MY blog. And i'm wondering if their motive is to get famous via my blog? If not, why would they keep coming here to attract attention?

Take a GOOD look at yourselves in the mirror before saying that i look like a Thai transvetite.

And of cos, you can comment on every single post i write, by all means. But i can tell you if my hb saw any nasty comments about our daughter, he's not going to just sit there and read. Hope you get what i mean.

Oh ya, i changed my comment setting becos i want you people to reveal your real identities in order to let everyone read it easily without getting messed up. If you all dare to post nasty comments, i'm sure you all won't be scare to reveal your identities to public right? MOREOVER i knew who you all are already. :)

Hey RH, i'm not implying you nor your wife here. Please do not be sensitive! I'm referring to those cowards Anonymous who loves to be busybodies.


  1. Hi Joanne,

    just wanna tell u i enjoy reading ur blog!
    i will click on ur site twice a day to see if there's any updates.i can say ur blog brighten up one's day,at least for me.

  2. Eh i got bucket waist also... r u also saying me.. :) wahhahahahha

  3. Of cos not aLiCe!!! I'm just quoting example that i don't do that lor.

    Only KPOs will do that, definately not me! =D

  4. Hi Happy Queen,

    I dropped a msg on your tagboard le! Wana link up?? =D

  5. Blog wadever you like .. its your freedom.. ignore other pple lo.. i also blog wadever i like and very randomly

  6. Sera, HANOR. Not as if i'm a saint what. I've got my own thinking and temper.

    Those people tot they're saint or angels. Posting comments on FB can. People post on personal blog is an offence. SIGH

    Why in this world got such people exist?

  7. i know la.. just joking with u... i never offend u why would u past such comment on me right.. ;p

  8. the anonyomous who say wanna comment on her hb n kid, u r juz a fucker who got no guts. dont make nasty remark on people's kid coz is not good. beware of retribution. this is only a cyber argument but if u pass nasty remarks on her kid it may end up in a real life confrontation. And im sure u wouldnt want that to happen do u? so watch what u say ok. im watching u @.@ LOL

  9. No lah! Even though I hate someone, I won't be so nasty to comment lidat! Cos I believe in karma. I'm not that slim lo! Heehee

  10. Bro, yeah you hit the point! They are just fucking cowards cos they only dare to use Anonymous as nick to comment. They don't even dare to reveal their real identities to public. And they tot by using Anonymous, I'm unable to trace them out!

    I've already reminded them before that I've alot of site trackers on my blog. There are 5-6 different sources for me to check, it's only I want or don't want.

    I shall see what they are going to do next. Dumbass busybodies!

  11. Haiyo.. don't what people are thinking nowadays. Sis, you just blog about other things lah. or use wordpress. can private your post. I understand that this is your blog & you have the rights to post anything. but why make things so ugly?

    The truth will prevail one day.
    you watch the show? 'Chun xin you tian zhi'.

  12. Aiyo Bo, u don't understand de lah. They are bunch of COWARDS troublemakers. No matter what i blog, they also got things to say de.

    In this case, the more i should blog.

  13. thank to you. Good blog


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