Monday, November 8, 2010

It's ain't easy being a blogger...

Sometimes, i really don't understand what's on some human's mind. I just read XX's blog and saw the post she written about people insulting her and Michelle Phan. Seriously, what's wrong with those people har? Does it makes one happier to go around insulting people whom you don't even know them personally?

As a blogger myself (if you've a blog, you're considered a blogger.), i find it so hard to fake on my blog. I mean, i'm not a saint and i don't see the need to pretend to be like one. I've got temper and i'll get angry. There bounds to be ups & downs in everybody's life. I don't think there's anyone out there with a perfect life whereby you wouldn't complain about anything. It's just the way you choose to complain lah!

And i choose to complain & rant on my own blog. I seriously don't find anything wrong with it. At least i'm not hypocrite. I dislike means i dislike, i don't pretend to like. If i'm angry/sad/agitated/whatever, i don't pretend to be fine & happy. Awww... that's hard!

Human are like that. When you dislike somebody, no matter what she do/say/blog about, you definately will have things to say about her. For example, if i'm able to afford one branded bag a month and i blogged about it, my 'haters' will go like, "Joanne is so fucking show off". Agree?

So there's no way i'm gonna change my attitude or character for anyone. If you think my attitude sucks, then don't read my blog. For your info, i may find your's sucks too!

If you find me ugly (whenever you see my pics, you feel like puking.), fine, don't even visit my blog lah! Don't you find it tired to click on my blog, then go vomit and after that type tons of rubbish just to insult me?

I'm speaking in general here, it applys to everyone who loves to insult people. Get a life, seriously.

Even though people might be numb at all your insults but still, it hurts. We're just human afterall. Try putting yourself in our shoes. Otherwise, set up a blog and we'll go & insult your everything then you come and tell me if you're affected or not.

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