Monday, November 8, 2010

It's a travelling month!!!

Everyone's (in my family) having holiday mood now!!! My parents departed to Taiwan for holiday early this morning. Bobo's going to Genting on the 14th. We're going to HK on the 16th. KK & JJ to India on the 25th. Then again, mum & dad to Shanghai on the 22nd. All take turns to travel this month! Wherever we go, even though we're not travelling together, i hope everyone will enjoy to the fullest! =D

Oops, i haven start packing my luggage yet! Don't know how to start and what to pack. :(

Anyway, i just came back from lunch with Karine... Super full now!!!


Bought this at Watsons while waiting for Karine just now. Canmake Graduation Wink Eyeshadow. I love this color combination!!! Chio to the max!

And oh yah, me and Karine got invited to a paid blogger event on December. So excited! I'm PAID to attend leh! Omg! I'm a step nearer to a full time blogger! Hahahaha! I'll not disclose anything yet until it's confirm or after the event. =D

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