Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our cutie pie, our lucky star!

Look at these!!!



Si bei cute right??? Hahahahaha

My bro tagged these two pics on my FB last night. So cute lor! BTH man. My girl really thought that she's married liao. This morning, i gave her one sweet to put inside her pocket. She asked me, "你可以给我多一个吗? 我要给我的老公!". *Faint* Hahahahahaha

ZY bought a brand new Wii set for Bo last night... (Well, just gotta admit, he's nice to my family lah, especially Bo!) On our way to collect it, we (me, ZY & Bo) chatted on an interesting topic...

Bo is buying the Wii set over from her friend. Her friend has already got one set at home and this set she's selling, she won it from lucky draw.

So i was telling Bo that she's so lucky cos i only won lucky draw once in the past 26 years. Yeah, i'm a sway sin lor! That one and only time is when i was pregnant with Raeann. :) I don't know if anyone remember, i did blogged about it that time, the John Little lucky draw!

Raeann is our lucky star, it's true!!! :)

When i was pregnant with her, i struck 4D almost every week for a few months!!! ZY said last night, that how he wished Raeann was inside his tummy instead of mine! HAHAHAHAHA Cos hor, i only buy $1 and the amount i struck was soooooo little.

But simply any number i bought/dreamt, it opened up exact on the very same day or week. It's really unbelieveable!

Examples :-

1) Few days after my wedding, i dreamt of one of ZY's bro's car. I woke up and confirmed with ZY the number. He bought on Wednesday but forgot to buy on Saturday & Sunday, i bought 3 days together at the same time. That very number came out on that Sunday, 3rd prize. ZY wanted to kill himself then.

2) Then there was once i dreamt of my car met into accident with my brother's bike. I woke up immediately that day cos i'm afraid to sleep & continue that dream. I told ZY and my parents about it. That very evening, my brother's bike number came out starter. Me and my parents struck. Again, ZY wanted to kill himself.

3) We (me, ZY and my mum) were inside the car on the way to don't know where lah. I bo liao take out all my cards and see. Then i suddenly told them i wanted to buy my Jurong Port pass number. Yes, that number came out starter on that very evening again. Nobody else struck except me, ZY wanted to kill himself again & again.

The rest i forgot liao but i really struck almost every week leh! Even though it's small amount, but the feeling is damn shiok! But after that hor, no more liao. After i give birth, worse, i become back to sway sin again. :(

Raeann brings ZY all the luck now...

Also good lah! Cos when he struck = i struck too! Hahahaha I don't want to buy 4D liao cos i don't have such luck de!

Well, he did not ask her to pick numbers hor cos i'll never allow de. He struck her DOB alot of times, even though it's roll (not ibet)! Her birth cert came out exact 2nd prize two years ago and her DOB came out exact 3rd prize last year, but we didn't strike. She gave us opportunities but we don't know how to grab!

But it's okay de lah! If it's yours, it will be yours. If you deserved that money, Ti-gong will po pi wan! Luck always come when you least expected it, don't ya agree?

Good luck, everyone! :)


  1. Raeann very cute lah!! & she is ur 财神爷!

  2. Ya, in the pics, she looked like she's the one getting married, very blissful lidat! Hahaha

    No more my 财神爷 liao leh!!! But i'm not really into all this also. I seldom buy 4D liao! So it's okay. Heehee


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