Sunday, November 14, 2010

Raeann's 4th jersey - Newcastle United

Finally dragged myself to pack the luggage... Wah lau, the luggage is already so heavy when i only packed half of it in. Stupid luggage itself is heavy liao!!! There's no way i'm able to lift it up at all. Can you imagine the weight? But not to worry, my beloved husband will carry it for me. HAHAHA

I was si bei tired yesterday. Slept for barely 4 hours only, Raeann woke me up at 7+am and i remained awake all the way. Then in the late noon, i've to drag myself out of the house to go walk walk & lunch/dinner with ZY. Have you people seen a walking zombie before? I think i looked like one yesterday. Even when eating, i felt like sleeping. ZzzZzz

ZY went to buy jerseys for himself and of cos, Raeann. This is Raeann's 4th set of jersey already. She has Germany, Chelsea, Real Madrid & now, Newcastle. I really wonder did ZY mistaken her for a boy? =.=



ZY took these 2 pics with NEX-5K. It's proven that his photography skill sucks big time becos this is somehow like an iPhone quality. It's really a waste to possess sucha good camera when you don't even have the basic photography skill. Sigh

Nope, i certainly do not have any objections when he buy her apparels becos it's something she can & will wear. I'll only nag when he buy her toys, please note that it can be an everyday affair lor. But the thing is hor, Raeann is in love with jerseys now. Basically 9 out of 10 times when we bring her out, she'll be in jersey. Aiyo, then all her other clothes (dresses) how? They've been camping inside the wardrobe for quite a long time already. I think i should stop buying anymore clothings for her since she doesn't like to wear. How i wish she can be more girly. :(

You know, she did a NEW (first time) 'wonderful' stunt last night. I really feel like slapping her on the spot then. FML! I think she's itching for my cane already, really. She thought with her dad around, i won't dare to cane her. I told her that i'll cane her dad as well!

Sorry, i'm a real devil when it comes to disciplining her. I won't bother what others say at all becos she's my daughter, not other's. Don't ever come and KPO and want to help her cos i'll just ignore you or even scold you, no matter who you are.

I don't care how others discipline their kids, whether i think is right or wrong, i won't comment anything at all. Becos it's simple, they're not my kid and it's non of my business.

You see har, in future when the kid grow up and IF he/she go & commit crime *touchwood*, can those KPO take up the rap for them? Since they're always shielding them everytime. Obviously no right? So yeah, don't ever be a KPO when someone's disciplining their kids, understand?

Everyone said that Raeann's getting more and more out of hand lately becos her father 'seng pai liao liao' (spoilt her to the max). You can really see the differences in her attitude and behaviour when her dad's around and when he's not. Now that we're still not staying together with ZY yet, she's still managable during the weekdays when ZY's not around. But just imagine when we have our own house? I don't dare to think further. I'm really worried she will be hard to control in future. Sigh

Spoke to ZY about this last night, he refused to cooperate with me and insisted that he will continue to spoil her to the max. Fine then, i'll start using my cane every now and then again. He insisted his own way, i can be persistant in my own way too.

FML! I can already imagine the scenerios at HK now... I wonder how many litres of blood i'll vomit there? God bless me!


  1. haha so cute... blue colour nail polish somemore.

  2. LOL, you notice?? Haha she went to ask my sis to apply for her when I was showering lo! She came back with a blue nails. I told her to clean it off cos teacher will scold. Guess what's her reply??



  3. From the way you wrote, she seems to speak chinese more than english hor? My elder daughter always kena scolded as 'FAKE ABC' cos she always speak english and refuse to speak chinese! Arghh...

    Wah, better train her wearing dresses and tie nice nice hair.
    Very tomboy to wear jersey out all the time leh, for me la.
    I dont let my girl wear until very boylish once they so big liao.
    Its ok to be vain, let her pretty pretty like her mummy!!! :P

    If not, donate me her clothings to my meimei! Hahaha!

  4. Joanne, her reply so cute!! she can really talk well.
    is the nail polish safe for kids? I wannna buy for Kaylene, she sibei 爱美!
    see i paint my nails she also wanna paint -.-

    I agree with u that when we're disciplining our child, ppl shud mind their own business.
    like what U say & what my mum always tell me, if we dont discipline, if they do anything wrong, it'll always be the MOTHER's fault.
    so if my kids are at fault or disobedient, I CANE aft warning. irritating ppl KPO!!!

    anyway enjoy urself.
    dont think so much for now(I know not easy) but now u can start to think of what to eat & buy there :)

  5. & hor forget to say
    she look cute wearing jersey :)

  6. Hi Krissy,

    Yeap, she speaks chinese more fluent than english. :) I think cos she prefer her chinese teacher in the school. Her english is 一粒一粒 wan.

    I don't know how to train leh... Cos she's more to the boyish side, her pattern si bei tomboy lah! I also wish that she can be more vain lo!

  7. Hi Maggie,

    The nail polish is those normal one that we use lor... I don't know if it's safe or not but she had applied it many times already. But i think i heard before, there's a type of organic nail polish which is suitable for kids de. I didn't go & find out though...

    Hanor, everything also blame the MOTHER first de lor. No one will say the father is at fault. WHY HAR? So unfair!

    And thank god your mum and mine are understanding, they knew that there's a need to discipline them since young.

    Last time my mum also keep 'helping' Raeann de lo, then i explained to her once then now she never le. But don't know why some people just cannot get words into their head de! FTL man. HAHAHA

    Thanks babe! I will TRY! Hahaha

    She looks very 'boy' in jersey lo! If i tie up all her hair, put on a cap, everyone will think she's a boy. HAHAHA

  8. hey there, where did you get the newcastle jersey from? been looking all over singapore for the kids one...

  9. Hi LadyBug,

    We bought it from Queensway! ALOT there!!! ^^


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