Thursday, November 4, 2010

To those COWARDS who commented these...

"I mean nobody knows who I am, she is only disgracing herself by exposing herself to cruel facts pointed out by me. Best blog of the year? You bet! Joanne, I'm just getting warmed up. You want to quarrel we can do it all day long, all week long."

"Joanne, u underestimated me. U are immune to people calling you names and scolding you. But I know u hate people talking abt ur hb and daughter. Well tats what I'm gg to do. I will READ your every post and COMMENT on every post.

Well B challenge ah? Be my guest. But I'm more interested in Joanne cos she's got a blog and I can find out everything about her and whack her. But I know so little about u. Got my point? Like you know little of me. Challenge me? U are only going to disgrace Joanne. Hahaha"

HELLO??? Where are you, cowards??? Don't ya know i specially blog a post just for you all yesterday? So, where are your comments??? Don't give me bullshit that you all have stop reading my blog and didn't know anything about it. How can that be? My blog's so interesting that you all never fail to visit it everyday, hoping that i'll finally blog about you all one fine day. Now that i did, but where have you all DISAPPEAR to???

I'm WAITING to see how are you all going to disgrace me. I'm WAITING to see how are you all going to whack me. I'm WAITING for you all to talk about my hb and daughter. I just can't wait to inform my hb about it.

Why not come and tell me to my face that i'm a bitch and i look like a Thai transvetite? I bet you all don't dare. Know why? Becos you all look more like it than me. Oh btw, i've taken a GOOD look at all of your pictures. Si bei chio and yandao huh? *hair stand* Kindly leave a comment if you all wish your pics to be featured here okay? If that's your motive; getting famous!

Aiya, i can ASSURE that there wouldn't be any comments from you people anymore unless i revert back my comment setting. Then, you all will POP OUT again using anonymous nick to kpkb here, right? HAHA

I REALLY DESPISE YOU PEOPLE! Only know how to act sut sut, talk big here! Chui kong lan pa and neh neh song nia.

PHEWZ! It's sucha blessing that i don't have such friends!


  1. eh i wanna see their pic leh... how pure female and male they are...

  2. LOL! U wan to see ah?? Come come, msn me. I show u... =D

  3. Joanne, I apologize for making personal attacks on you and for threatening to make ill comments about your hb and daughter.

    Lost my head abit in the midst of the arguments. I should never have drag your family into the arguments.

  4. gal,

    i aso kaypo wanna c...c how damn gd they are..

  5. hi joanne, 得饶人处且饶人吧! there's little point in being annoyed. blog about happier things - like your lovely little raeann. =) i like seeing her pictures very much. she looks like a cheeky little thing! =)

    oh, by the way, this is me - R L, or roanne as you know me in FB.

  6. Hi R L,

    Yea yea, thank you. I'm fine! :)

    Just replied your FB msg...


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