Saturday, November 27, 2010

What's wrong with me?

OMFG! What's going on with my body??? I'm having my 3rd menstruations (in this month) now. Issit caused by the flight pressure? Or issit due to stress? Sigh

Told my hubby just now, he asked me to visit a gynae to check. I can feel his concern for me. HAHAHA

I told Raeann that my body is spoil already and i'm unable to give birth to a mei mei to play with her (cos she is always asking about this) liao. Her reply was, "你快点去看医生啦, 你的身体没有坏了才生一个妹妹给我!". -___-||

Please hor, i'm not being 夸张 okay! It's my FIRST time encountering such thing lor. My period is always very regular wan leh!

But on the other hand, i don't think i'll be visiting a gynae to check lah! Cos hor, somehow i feel that this is NORMAL and there's no need to get 大惊小怪 over it leh!

Side track : Aiyo, i'm still unable to get over the HORROR phobia from my first pregnancy, how ah? The morning, afternoon & evening sickness. The fever, vomitting and tiredness. The bubble inside the brain, 抽羊水 & 2 weeks of constant crying. And many many many more! Chills run down my spine at the thought of it! :(


  1. Pls go check up asap. Something might be really not right. Take care and god bless.

  2. Hi Claire,

    Thanks for your concern. I think most likely is due to the flight pressure bah. Do have to admit i'm old already, my body changed! :(

  3. Hi Joanne,

    I am a silent reader of your blog and felt the need to drop you this msg. Please go to the gynae, it may be just the pressure but it is better to get checked. It happened to me half a year ago, I had my period for 5x in a mth. Went for check and gynae suspects a cyst, ended up it was my ovary getting an infection and it was very swollen. was put on hormones pills and some jabs to be monitored for 3 mths. it can result in harmful or cancerous cysts, please check it sooner alright?


  4. OMG! This is scary. Alamak, actually i really intend to ignore de! But your comment really made me worried. OKOK! I'll consult my gynae asap. But then hor, my period is ending already, now only spots. Do they need to take any test on the dirty blood??

  5. It actually happened to my cousin too. she had her menses 2 to 3 times in the month and was diagnose with ovarium cyst. What I last heard from them is that either your menses comes non stop or kept coming back, something might be abnormal. Pls go check up asap and may it just be a false alarm. God bless and good luck:)

  6. Hello, can i know will there be any pain as synthom???

  7. Didn't hear her complaining abt the pain. Just that she thought it's abnormal therefore went for the check up..

  8. Hi Joanne,

    No, no particular pre-warnings. I dismissed it as stress too but it was way too overbearing when it came for the 3rd time. Each time, it is just bits by bits too. There is no pain but definitely weird right? So I rushed myself to the gynae and she gave me a lecture cos such things cannot delay. With the infected ovary, one won't be able to give birth anymore or worst lead to cancerous cells if proven harmful.

    As for the process, it works like pap smear. Getting samples and sending to the lab. Plus my gynae scan my womb for me to see ... my right ovary was like a ping pong ball and the left was the normal size of a fish ball. This is not meant to be a joke but seriously it looked really scary. So I hope you can take my eg as a real case and seek for consultation asap. :) Few mths down after the anti-biotics, jabs and pills, the 2nd scan was normal alrdy. It cost a lot ... super heartpain but least you know you are healthy.

    It may be a false alarm like Claire mentioned, but still better to get check asap. Sorry for the long post.

  9. Hi Claire and Kate,

    Thanks for all your info, appreciates it! Will go for checkup soon! =D


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