Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wow, Sammi's concert is this Saturday?

Oh yeah, i'm gonna see many familiar faces there! Alot of my friends are attending!!! =D

My hb's bday is coming, in another 6 more days, where should i treat him for dinner? Any suggestions? I need to do some plannings now.

Wah lan eh. I really cannot stand someone who thinks that she's so damn fucking chio. Aiyer!!! Her face looks like ROTI PRATA lor! TMD!


I'm not saying i'm chio here hor, don't get me wrong okay? At least i know where i stand. I'm not pretty. I'm fat. But she's worse. Period!

Alright, a good news to all my readers who are interested in Hope Girl Under Eye Magic Cleaner. The stocks will be available TODAY after 3pm at ALT, The Heeren. Grab them before it went out of stock again! =)

Raeann's so funny yesterday morning...

I suffered from constipation after the level 30 buffalo wings. Then i keep complaining to her that my stomach is pain.

Raeann : 你去大便啦!

Me : 大不出 leh!

Raeann : 我教你!!!


She asked me to 'gek' lidat. HAHAHAHAHA


  1. OMG, the bed sheet that raeann is squatting on is the same design that I have when I was around 12 years old. It has been so many years and I still have the blanket but the bed sheet has already been thrown away when I move house. It brings so much memory to me especially when I share the same room with my sister.

  2. Hahaha, ya i think this bedsheet is my bro's one, over 10 years already! LOL


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