Thursday, December 30, 2010

ALL the lovely X'mas surprises!

1) Surprise dress from Queenbels, thanks so much again.

2) Surprise present for me and Raeann from Jing on the day i left for Hat Yai. A bag organiser for me and a storybook for Raeann. Thanks too! I didn't take any pics cos Raeann opened up all the present when i was bathing before i can take pic! :( I bought her a GUESS purse in return. :)


3) Surprise present from Patsy when i met her to pass some stuffs to her yesterday. Luckily i went prepared too! I gave her an Elizabeth Arden lipgloss! And to clarify, that's not a X'mas present from me, it's just a souvenir from my trip! We did not arrange to exchange any gift at all! Thanks girl! I love the eye shadow. I think alot people knew that i'm an eye shadow lover. :)



4) Last night, i reached home with a surprise parcel on the table again!!! In fact, i can recognise it's Meiling's handwriting the moment i saw it! Heehee This girl is sucha sweetie! Even though we didn't meet up for ages, she still bother to send me AND Raeann a X'mas gift. (Even Raeann also have! All my friends love & dote on her, i'm so touched!)


She reads my blog and knew that i'm a sucker for LONG falsie and she bought me a pair!

She is one friend i would keep for life, 20 years & STILL COUNTING! ^^ Obviously till today, i've found out who are those worth to keep and who are those not worth my precious time at all (has HIGH level of jealousy and will 'ka' my 'LJ wei' for no reason). YES, i think YOU sucks to the core! You should know who you are!


Clips + rubber band for Raeann & ...



A multi purpose pouch! =D

Now, i feel really guilty cos i don't have time to meet up with her & i did not send her anything! :( Can we meet up next weekday sweetie?

5) Of cos, not forgetting the 4000 baht ($171.28) ZY gave me as well! 4000 baht can buy ALOT of things at Hat Yai! He was surprise to receive a gift from me lor! His first reaction was, "must be those cheap cheap one, less than S$100 right?". HAHAHA

I bought him a Burberry 100ml perfume! :) I told him i buy him perfume cos i think he's smelly. LOL

Okay lah, i admit, i'm QUITE stingy towards him wan. Cos he's richer than me what! I'm very poor leh! And he gave me 4000 baht becos he did not not prepare anything for me lor (but i swear that i never expect to receive anything either)! He said he likes to give money! BETTER STILL! I can buy whatever i like! Heehee THANK YOU HUBBY! See ah, actually i'm easily contented de! Don't have to give me Prada & i'm equally happy too! :)

6) And all the X'mas greetings via SMS & Whatsapp! I'm sorry that i didn't reply at all! Too busy shopping! =X

Thanks to all these people & my family for making my X'mas 2010 sucha surprise & memorable one! I ♥ you guys!


  1. Hey babe, don't worry la. Just little tokens from me. I know you are busy. :)
    Next weekday I am ok from tues to fri. Just msg me and we can arrange a day.
    Glad that you and Raeann and yourself like the presents!! :)

    * u r one nice friend that I am so glad we are still in contact! Cheers to our friendship!!

  2. Thanks so much girl! :) YES! Cheers to our friendship!

    Do u wan to come my hse tomorrow? My mum organised a BBQ~ Heehee

  3. I let ya know again. Supposed to meet some friends but more than half cannot make it. If nothing on, I can pop by. Will let you know again. What time it starts?

  4. Should be around 7+pm! =D

    If nothing to do, just pop by okay? I never invite alot too. :)


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