Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bio-essence Part II - NEW Bio-Platinum BB Cream

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Tired of wearing a “mask” to achieve the fairness that you desire? As Asians are most susceptible to melanin-accumulation, it is essential to combat the damage of UV rays to ensure that your skin remains fair and even toned even after long hours under the sun.

Bio-Platinum BB Cream is your best bet here. You can achieve younger-looking skin that looks naturally fair in one simple step without having to apply thick layers of other creams.

Bio-Platinum BB Cream Plus Multi Effects SPF 25 PA/ ++
RSP $32, Net Weight 30g

  • Revitalizes skin with precious Platinum to nourish skin and protect complexion against free radical damage. Platinum is one of the rarest and most precious metals on earth, which helps make your skin more radiant and also lightens fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Contains Tanaka White Extract which has excellent natural whitening and moisturizing effects. It also keeps the skin cool under hot sun and protects it against melanin buildup and pigmentation for a fairer complexion.
  • Refines pores and smoothen skin.
  • Bio Energy Fluid and other herbal extracts such as Ginseng and Angelica provide a rich source of nourishments and nutrients to encourage cell renewal and skin repair.
  • Formulated with SPF 25/PA++ to protect the skin from damage caused by UV rays, preventing premature ageing, wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Light velvety texture, creates a flawless radiant finish that conceals imperfections, enlarged pores and evens out the skin tone.

BB Cream for 10 in 1 Whitening and Skin Nourishing

10 in 1 Multiple Efficacies

  1. Revitalizes skin with platinum
  2. Whitening and skin brightening
  3. Fades pigmentation and spots
  4. Repairs and soothes skin
  5. Conceals and fades blemishes
  6. SPF25 PA/ ++ UV protection
  7. Nourishes and hydrates skin
  8. Strong anti-oxidation properties to reduce fine lines & wrinkles
  9. Creates a bright, healthy skin tone for radiant natural looking makeup
  10. Effective oil control for the whole day

Bio-Platinum BB Cream Plus Multi Effects SPF 25 PA/ ++ is available at ALL Watsons, Guardian, Robinsons, John Little, BHG, OG, NTUC FairPrice, Carrefour, Giant, C K Department Store and other leading cosmetic houses.

Hey hey, Santa Joanne is delivering some good news...

Now, TSS and Bio-essence are so nice to let you guys redeem Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream SPF25/PA++ and Bio-Platinum BB Cream Plus Multi Effects SPF 25 PA/ ++ (2 in 1 sachet) samples for FREE! Even postage is being waived! You just need to follow the 3 simple steps below...
1) Click on 'Grab Sample' -> 2) Click on 'My Basket' on the top right corner -> 3) Click on 'Comfirm Checkout'.

And NO, that's not the end yet!

Bio-essence has decided to extend the referral program to everyone, including all my readers. So if you managed to refer 20 friends and above, you get to receive a Bio-essence product. :)

So nice right? Then what are you waiting for?

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Read on to understand more about BB Cream...

Why BB Cream is better than Traditional Makeup?

Traditional foundation and base makeup requires many steps and the need to layer several different types of product on the skin, hence the coverage achieved is often unnatural-looking. BB Cream, on the other hand, revolutionized the concept of base makeup by simplifying the whole process, creating, natural, smooth but powerful coverage with just 1 product.

Coverage appears less natural and cakey when you wear traditional base makeup as it requires the user to wear different layers of makeup like sunscreen, moisturizer, foundation, concealer, loose powder etc. Whereas BB Cream (only 1 product) can act as concealer, whitening cream, sunscreen and base makeup.

Very sad to admit, i started using BB Cream only during May this year. But ever since then, i can't get enough of BB Creams. Trust me, you will never go wrong with BB Cream. :)

So, have you found out which is your favourite Bio-essence BB Cream? :)

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  2. Hi Joanne,

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  3. Hi Jiahui,

    Glad to hear from you. Are u the Jiahui from YHSS? :)

    Anyway, i would love to do a makeup tutorial as many people have already asked me to do so.

    But the prob is, i don't know how to take a less-retard video of myself, doing the makeup. =X

    However, i can take pics of all the cosmetics i'm using now. I'll do it soon. :)

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    Hope you have a nice weekends with your family members.

  5. There are also supplements that can help you achieve that glowing skin.


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