Saturday, December 11, 2010

BK @ Arena Country Club

Lil' imp is watching Mr Bean on my phone (again!) and so i've the time to blog now. I'm so tired, have to wake up so early everyday, no matter if it's a weekday or weekend, working or not working. This has been going on for 3 years & 3 months liao...

Been bringing Raeann for Mc' or KFC breakfast recently until we are abit scare of it already. Today when i woke up, i suddenly remember that we haven't been to BK @ Arena Country Club for a long time. And off we went after washing up & changing clothes! I THINK I'M SO HARDWORKING LAH!

I don't know issit becos we didn't eat this for a long time and we find it damn delicious! I think BK serves the best beakfast among all the fast food restaurants. P/S : They seem to change something (cooking method? ingredient? *shrug*) and it's more tastier than last time!

Even the bread, also very nice! Cos Raeann usually NEVER eat the bread from Mc' or KFC de, but this one, she asked for it and keep wanting more. It's very soft leh! And the hash brown comes in small round shape, it's cuter & easier to swallow!

Ordered this too but not nice! =X

Ah-soh Raeann drinking hot tea! I never let her take any cold beverages early in the morning de! Cos i cultivated a habit of drinking hot tea recently so i also seldom take cold beverages now. I think it's not good, especially for ladies.

And while eating...

We get to watch people playing Go Kart! To my surprise, quite alot of people de lor, very rich somemore. All drive 'branded' cars like Ferrari & etc! Raeann asked me to bring her to learn Go Kart when she grow up! She's very INTO guy's games/hobbies lor! Totally opposite from me! I got no interest in all these de!

Raeann kept saying she wanna go outside (more close up) and watch them play. I asked her to finish up all her food and we will go. And she really finished all up! More than 3/4 of one set!

Her hair is really long now! I'M SO HAPPY! I want to grow long long hair for her! =D

P plate Go Kart! LOL


I'm so happy for a friend and her hb on the arrival of their new bundle of joy! She sent me her pic but i'm not gonna post it here! So cute can! And i got a shock becos on the first look, she resembles Raeann! Haha

Congratulations babe! Hope you will like the hamper! =D

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