Thursday, December 9, 2010


I had this for breakfast! It's oh-so-delicious that i decided to take a pic of it after 1-2 mouthful. JJ bought this few days ago! She did asked me to go and eat on the day she bought but i was too full already. And while doing my daily routine (checking out the fridge) today, i saw and decided to eat up the last one! Heehee

P/S : I wonder issit becos i'm a RAT (zodiac), that's why i love to check out the fridge always?

I'm sure everyone heard of & tried egg tart before... But this, BEAN CURD TART, how many of you try it before? Oh, maybe i'm the only orbit one cos it's my first time eating! Hahaha

The filling is made with 豆花, it's very smooth and soft, very nice! Yummy!

See! I'm so nice! I even took a pic of the address to show you all lor! ^^ Go & try it!


  1. its very nice~

    you shld eat it while fresh, so the pastry is still crunchy.. (they also have a mixed version (longan, grass jelly, peanuts etc), and durian version)

    their moon pies are very good too!

  2. looks really yummy lo! i wanna try it too. too bad not located at the west.

    and joanne, i've bought the rowenta hair dryer!!! -_- "poison"

  3. Sonia, hanor, it's NICE! Hahaha

    Anyway, do u find the hair dryer good? I love it so much till i need to blow my hair everyday! LOL

  4. PS: The tart is from Cheryl! HAha! =) Glad u all like it.

  5. Ya, i find it just nice! SWEE. lol


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