Saturday, December 18, 2010


I brought Raeann to Kbox alone just now! Yes, just the 2 of us, all the way! HAHAHAHA

Becos my husband is a shit. People on my FB will know why, i'm not going to elaborate it here becos hor, 1) i'm lazy & 2) some cb will say i've got menopause (again)! =.=

But anyway, my husband let me claim back all the expenses from him becos i think he's guilty as Raeann called and scold him just now! LOL! I never ask her to call/scold hor, she knows how to call him by clicking his name on my phone. She also knows how to call my mum, Patsy & XS lor!

Back to Kbox, wah lau eh, didn't know Kbox is so high tech nowadays man.

All computerize system now! I didn't step into Kbox for a long time liao and i was still searching for remote control to dedicate songs. LOL! I was damn paiseh becos a 3 yrs old kid taught me where to dedicate! FML! She knew how to becos she went with my cousins about 1-2 months ago, and she remembered. In fact, she's the one who keep asking me to bring her to go and sing song everytime we passed by Jurong Safra.

Super pro sia! She even knew how to play game with it! FML x 10. I took so long to figure out how to search for songs! And you know, we were given a very big room when there was just 2 of us & one paying pax only. Yes, Raeann is free (again)!

I think both of us can sleep there cos the aircon is not very cold. The staffs there are all very thoughtful. They gave us a room that's the least cold and they put lesser ice when i ordered apple juice cos they knew i ordered it for Raeann. I didn't request or say anything at all, they did all these by observing. So their service are kinda good? :)

Well, she learnt new song again! Haha

And i practiced my current favourite song for about 4-5 times till i'm super familiar with it now! Even my girl's in love with this song now as i repeated it for so many times. I recorded it during the final time! Hesistated to post it here at first but fuck it lah! This is my blog, i want to post what is my business right?

Sorry if i hurt your ear drum. Let me put this clear first, i'm familiar with this song doesn't mean i'm pro at it. I'm not, i'm just beginner, learning how to sing it perfectly. I know it's hard lah but well, i'm not a singer afterall! I never learn singing before! Neither was i in any music CCA during my schooling days. So, if you think i sing badly, please discontinue listening to it okay? ^^


  1. Eh Joanne! U oso love singing? Next time jio u go sing together!! HAHA Mayb with Maggie they all?

    Anyway, relink me at yeah =)

  2. So cute ....
    Did u bring a tripod? u can hold ur camera so steadily w/o shaking while singing... nice nice =)

  3. Hi Joanne,

    Your girl girl so young, but can sing quite well.

    Enjoy both you n your girl girl singing video.

    Both sing very well, keep it up :)

    P/S i also like song you sing, very meaning full.

  4. Sera, no wor, i didn't bring tripod. I placed it on the table and use something to support for it to tilt at 45 degrees. LOL

  5. Hi Anonymous,

    YA it's very meaningful and i watched the MTV throughly for so many times last nite, very sad lor.

    LOL! Tks for your compliment ya! Hahaha

  6. hi joanne, i came across ur blog when i see e review u did for the bio essence bb cream when u posted it on the bio essence facebook. :)thanks for doin e review as it make me understand the benifit of using bb cream :)from there onwards im now ur reader :) ur daughter raeann so cute and im so impress by her noe how to sing tat song and she's a fast learner. both of u sang very well and gt nice voices :)) both e songs i like too so meaningful e lyrics.

  7. Wowwww. u sing quite nice ma. y so

  8. Hi Rachel,

    Tks for your support! Yeap, both songs got ultra meaningful lyrics. I guessed many ppl love this two songs. :)))

  9. Bro, becos hor my hus said I've got awful voice and I think so too. That's why...

  10. I also didn't know KBOX so high tech -_-

    Lol i wanna go k song too!

  11. Ya lor. Last Sept i went to Cineplex de, also don't have lidat leh! I think they just changed or only some places have nia.

    Next time go with me & Rui en! LOL

  12. Later i sa ji sai mao(kill chicken kill cat) vocal frighten you all.

  13. Won't lah. Cos we have vocal that kill cow and pig also. :)

    But i think that day, we frighten alot of people liao! WAHAHAHA

    The moment we walked in, people already shock. How come this woman come and sing KTV alone with one kid? Must be very lonely. LOL

    Maybe they think i got depression. LOL

  14. Maybe they thought you or ruien going to have singing competition and you need to train vocal so secretly go training with your daughter lor!

  15. If that's the case, they must be laughing at us. Cos we made their ears suffer that day and they must be thinking "aiyoyo this kind of standard also want to join competition". HAHAHA


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