Friday, December 3, 2010

Byebye Playgroup, Hello Nursery

Today marks the end of Raeann's playgroup days, she's having her farewell party now. Tomorrow will be her graduation concert, i hope she can cooperate and perform (dancing) along. Cos recently, they have been rehearsing in school everyday and she complaint to me that 她跳到很累 & 不想跳了! Hahaha

Being a part of the party, Raeann's suppose to bring some snacks, tidbits or anything edible today. Obviously i'm the one who prepared it for her. And me, as a very nice mother, deliberately went to STICKY (The Central) to purchase sweets for the teachers and kiddos on Wednesday! Actually, it was quite a coincidence cos i went to pass accounts to my auditor and their company was just opposite to The Central. But before i knew i was going there, i've already thought of getting STICKY for them le! ^^ God is kind to me! Hahaha

Bought the sweets and jars seperately. The small pack is $2.90, one big pack is $6.90 and another 2 big packs are $8.90 each. NOT CHEAP! But well, it's handmade sweets leh!

Small jar at $1 each, bigger one at $1.50 each.

End result. As i pack, Raeann & me were eating the sweets as well! Hahaha

I spent about $50 on all these! Hmm, i think it's quite okay for the price lor! Unique as gift and nice packaging! :) But better don't let ZY know about it cos he sure say i anyhow spend my money again! =.=

Mickey tagged along to the party & is 'resting' on Raeann's hair! LOL

I don't know what's this but it's damn damn nice!!! Bought it at HK Disneyland! If i know it's so yummy, i would have buy a few more tins back!

P/S : Finally sorted out all the stuffs from my HK trip. I'll be giving out one souvenir to one lucky reader after the Ginvera contest ended. Be alert! :) Those who redeemed the Ginvera sample will stand a higher chance! Thanks for redeeming! ^^


Let's welcome Sasha, the golden retriever!

I came home to this surprise on Sunday. Raeann saw her first and told me, "mummy, 有新的狗狗 leh". I thought she was implying some toy instead. I turned around and got a shock! How come there's a golden retriever at my house? And so smelly lor! =X I'm sorry, i'm not a pets lover, especially sucha HUGE one. And i dislike the smell of dogs! No matter how mile the smell is, i'm able to smell it and I JUST DON'T LIKE IT! No offence to all dogs lovers!

Sasha is a female (like who can't tell from her name? lol) and she was given by my dad's friend becos this friend of him, de daughter is giving birth soon and he doesn't want Sasha anymore! :( SO POOR THING!

Even though i'm not a pets lover, i still know what's responsibility lor! If you wanna abandon your pets, don't even buy them in the first place! Just don't let your babies or kids get near to the pet if you don't like it! This is what i do! And if you don't mind them to do so, just wash their hands after they touched the pet! What's the big deal right? I'm very neutral towards pets (neither like nor dislike), i only DISAGREE with human sleeping together with pets, that's all. I don't have this habit and don't intend to cultivate it also.

Golden retriever is my hb's favourite dog breed. I remember hearing him say before that he wanna get one golden retriever cos it's a very friendly dog. Yes, it's true! Sasha is very friendly, smart and obedient! I ain't sure what's my parents gonna do with her wor. ZY keep asking us to keep her cos our house should have such big dog instead of Bubble, that kind of small breed. We still like Bubble, this kind of breed, small and managable! And you know, Bubble and Sasha did not fight at all, they treated each other like transparent lidat! Haha


  1. My favourite dog! Golden Retriever! I wonder is your dad friend = my friend dada. because she had a golden retriever too! and she is giving birth soon so giving it away. Not sure if she had given away the dog already anot. just so coincidence.

  2. Hmm I dunno wor... What's your frd's dad's name? Lol

  3. I like the dog! so cute!

  4. R u sure tt is a golden? it looks like labador wor.. But i noe short hair golden is rare...

  5. Yes yes golden retriever! Got cert wan.. :)

  6. did u still keep the dog? What happen to her? So poorthing!!

  7. Hi, nope, we given her to our next door neighbour, one ang moh family and she's treated like a queen there. So nice of them to take care of her so well.


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