Friday, December 10, 2010

Don't let it become a habit...

I suddenly have the urge to blog about this!

That day, at Raeann's graduation dinner, while waiting (cos we were there damn early), we went to Mc'donald to have some food first as ZY was hungry.

Shortly, came a parent with their 2 daughters, sitting at the table beside us.

Their younger daughter is around 2 yrs old, if i'm not wrong. And she was literally screaming & screaming for no specific reason, tearing the whole place down. The parent, were doing nothing to stop it, only asking her not to scream anymore in a soft tone & laughing there. =.=

If the parent don't even bother to teach, how would the kid know it's wrong to do so? I wonder did they take her screaming as a pleasure (music) to their ears? Why can they ever stand it? I mean, every kids cry, it's normal. But cry cry lah, why must scream??? Thank god my Raeann is not lidat! Becos when she does, she sure get it from me de! I can stand everything except kids' cries and screams, it will drive me crazy.

I'm not saying that my girl is an angel here but she isn't really that difficult to handle and control cos i've been disciplining her since she was a baby. YES, baby. I should really count my blessing becos she's not really a difficult child to start with - sleeping through the night since 5 mths old (unless she's not feeling well), getting rid of cradle when she was abt 5-6 mths old, getting rid of pacifier before 2 yrs old and being diaper free when she was less than 3 yrs old. What more can i ask for?

I really have to salute myself for being harsh enough to do all these. I was the one who got rid of all her habits, in a firm way. When i said NO, means NO. No matter how she fuss or cry, the answer is still NO.

And of cos, i'm so thankful to my aunt for disciplining & taking good care of her when i'm at work, allowing me to work in peace. Once again, i'm so glad that i'm firm enough not to let my MIL take care of Raeann, never will i.

Couple of months ago, my SIL's son whom was under the care of my MIL, bitten Raeann on her wrist till the bruise was there for one week. He has this habit of bitting people, especially when he can't snatch over the toys he wants, no matter if it belongs to him or not. And everytime my MIL 'punish' him, she's like beating/caning the air. Then when ZY or his bro punish him, she will be a heroin to come and 'save' him. And so, till date, he's still bitting people, oftenly.

Then few days after Raeann was bitten, she went to school and bite her classmate too! But she was being punished harshly, by me. Now, she don't dare to do it anymore becos i told her if she does it again, i'll pluck out all her teeth.

Tell me, if Raeann is under my MIL's care, what will my MIL do? I can tell you the scenerio. She will tell her, "cannot like that huh, cannot bite people huh, blah blah" & do nothing. And will Raeann listen? NO. Cos she doesn't even know it's wrong to do that, nobody discipline & teach her the right way.

Well, i'm not saying any bad things about my MIL here. I just DISAGREE with her way of spoiling someone's kid.

P/S : Of cos, YOU can spoil your child for all you want. I'm just blogging this based on my own opinion and thinking.


  1. I agree with you.MUST discipline and MUST start early.Old folks like to say:"Aiya,they r still small!" But I feel that if small dun teach when they r bigger,they wun listen le. So frm young must cultivate them!

  2. YES YES, they always say "还小啦". But a child is FOREVER 小 in the eyes of parents/grandparents right? Even when the kid is already in teens, they will still say "还小啦".

  3. my sis spoilt her kids liao -_- sometimes i feel like yi ba liang ba zhang slap xia qu. lol i can never be a mother...

  4. Hmm, i also cannot take it de leh! I don't like my kid to go out and attract unneccesary attentions always.

  5. My 3 y/o nephew is like this so no choice and i like to tease him or bully his mother bc he's super defensive of his mother(my sis)


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