Thursday, December 2, 2010


Just now, when I tried to scratch my back, my necklace snapped into half! FML! I think I AM TOO FAT liao! :(

This Destinee pendant was given by my uncle on my wedding day, it comes along with a thin complimentary necklace. Was it free? I think so.

Anyone knows if I can bring it back to Lee Hwa to fix? What is the charges like? Or I need to buy a new one! And how much issit?

I hope it's not too expensive! :(


  1. u can get a new 1. not very expensive. n there are many other kind of necklace for u to choose oso. if im not wrong is about 100++. :)

  2. Gal ar..Is normal for it to b snap, is long for years already rite? & moreover u wore it everyday?

  3. Eh, yes I wear it everyday but I jus started wearing like months ago, haven a yr yet wor..


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