Friday, December 31, 2010

He freaked me out!

Yesterday, my cousins brought Raeann to JP and so, i've to go JP and pick her home. I brought her for dinner first...

When i was buying drinks at JP2 food court, a man kept smiling at me and say 'hello'. I ignored him and walked back to my seat. I knew he kept walking around, looking at me. Not that i'm also 'eyeing' on him but you know when someone kept looking at you, u will feel very uneasy right?

While i was eating halfway, he came to my table and asked if he could share the table with us cos you know food court is always full de mah. WTF does he want leh? I couldn't say no cos me and Raeann were only occupying 2 seats all the way. So he sat down and ate his rice. Raeann kept asking, "why kor kor sit with us?", why this why that. I asked her to stop asking, faster eat so we can leave as soon as possible. And he kept smiling at himself/Raeann when he was eating his food! WTF!

After he finished his food, HE DID NOT LEAVE! I wanted to leave but Raeann was still eating and i've to wait for her. And he suddenly popped this question, "CAN I KNOW U?" in front of Raeann. =.=

Wah lau eh! I said 'NO' and he insisted to give me his number and asked me to call him when needed. WHY WOULD I EVER NEED HIM? FHL! And then he asked for my name. I told him that i'm married and it's really inconvenient to talk to him.

Thank god an aunty came to share the table too and he said byebye & left. PHEW!

BUT... when i was shopping, he suddenly appeared at the window, smiling! WTF! He really freaked me out lor, just like a ghost!

You know, i won't be scare if i'm alone or with my friends. Cos people might not know i'm married and with a kid. But when i'm with Raeann, obviously i'm already a mother. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO TACKLE A MOTHER, right? First thing that came to my mind was, "what does he want from my kid?".

He definately knew Raeann is my daughter cos he heard her calling me mummy loudly for so many times.

I think he's smitten with my brown contact lens lah!

And my husband is an idiot!

I posted on FB about this, cos i wanted to 'act busy' and stop him from talking to me.

My husband saw and post this comment, "u should tell him u never dig your eyes shit".


My reply, "No wor, i never ask. But he asked me issit i never dig my eyes shit, why i marry so young. LUCKILY u never go else he sure CONFIRM that i never dig".


Anyway, there's a party at my house tonight! My mum organised de! Lucky me! I planned to organise one intially but my mum told me she will be organising! I just need to invite my friends over. I only invited XS & family and Meiling & hb lah! Cos i don't like to do entertaining!

P/S : Ling, i've gotta u a lil' gift last night! Hope to see you tonight so i can pass u! :)

Free flow BBQ & liquor (cos my house has ALOT!) and MJ! Woooohoooo! Same old practice, 50c, $1, shooter pay! So long never play, i think i'm rusty liao!

Let's say HELLO to 2011!

Have a blast NYE, everyone! :)

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  1. thumbs up for your reply in fb to your hb. lol

    cant help to think that it's true lor siao lang everywhere...

    at least it proves that you're a charming mother, think on the positive side ^^


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