Friday, December 24, 2010

Hello from Hat Yai!

Yoohoo! Miss me? LOL

Omg! Here is like heaven, I'm living like a queen with less than S$500!!

I bought soooo many things today and I spent like less than S$150 only! Even stuffs from their big shopping mall are damn fucking cheap!

Furthermore, my dad's friend arranged a young lady tour guide for us! She's amazing, i tell u! She brought us around for shopping, and get us alot of discount even though the stuffs are already damn cheap! I bought 2 pairs of flora slipper at only 99 baht each, which is about S$5? And their GEO big eye lens cost only 180 baht, less than S$10! All fucking cheap & nice lo!

Tomorrow she will bring us to the zoo and snow ice dome which is about -15 degrees! I bet Raeann will have alot of fun there! I seriously don't know Hat Yai is so fun till today! Fun for the adults, as well as the kids!

I've got a Thai sim card with has access to 3G too! I can surf as I go and there's free wifi in this hotel! OMG! This is so great!

Jialat, I don't feel like going back liao! How???


  1. can tell us which hotel?

  2. Wow. You gonna give a good review and intro us the good tour guide!!! Sounds fun~ :D

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    I stayed in Sakura. Sorry for the late reply.

  4. Hi NiuNiu,

    Ya ya of cos! But wait till i retrieved back all my deleted pics first! OMG!!!!!

  5. Btw NiuNiu,

    The 'tour guide' is actually a employee of my dad's friend. HAHA She's not working as a tour guide, LOL!

  6. :( Then u must give more details where to shop all that yaaaaa! :D

  7. I'll try! Haha cos i don't know about the name too, they bring me around, i just sit inside the car. LOL


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