Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Her funny words are my best X'mas present!

Twitter is boring, nothing much leh. I don't know how to 'play' and i find it so hard to figure it out especially when they kept prompting me error messages. FML!

HAHAHAHA I suddenly remember something and i think it's so cute and funny.

Few days ago, i asked ZY what X'mas present is he getting for me...

He said, "nothing".

Raeann heard and said, "Mummy, 我买给你, 我疼你."

Me : "你知道我要什么吗? 你有钱 meh?

Raeann : "我去 BANK 拿给你"

ZY : "Then 我 leh? 我有没有?"

Raeann (totally ignored ZY) : "Mummy, 我买给你就好, 不要买给 papa."

ZY (jealous & as usual threaten her again) : "你的钱是 papa  给的 leh, 还给我!"

Raeann : "我的钱全部给 mummy!"

LOL! How sweet is that??? Love her so muchie!

She inherited something totally from her dad; SELECTIVE HEARING. She only listens to what she feels like listening. Like ZY lor, when asked him to help me with something, HE ALWAYS CANNOT HEAR WAN. But when i said i'm going to treat him eat, he can hear even when he's very very far away. =.=

I think he ate too full last night. He called me at 11+pm and asked me to change S$1K for this coming trip AND 包 all the angbao for next CNY. I asked him don't disturb me with his nonsense and hung up his phone. Wahahahah!

Then just now, i called him to argue on why should i 包? It's his job what! At the most, i pay for 1/4 only. And i asked him why should i change S$1K to Hat yai har? He said cos he paid for my HK air ticket so i must change more and he can use my money. =.= I told him that i'm going to change S$100 only. Hahaha

I told him, "I DIDN'T WANT TO GO HK DE LOR! He can don't buy my air ticket and i don't need to go there & suffer. I gained nothing from there at all, plus it gave me a bad impression of HK. He should 偷笑 that i didn't ask him to compensate me, for being a maid there lor!". SHIT HIM!

Anyway, this coming trip, i ain't too excited either. But my mum said that i can just 'throw' Raeann to them, they will look after her for me and i can shop as much as i want. Well, i can count on my parents lah, they always take good care of Raeann for me when i'm busy. :) So i guess it will be much much much better than the oh-so-horrible HK trip. I'm serious when i said even if he paid me $10K to go again, I ALSO DON'T WANT TO GO LOR!

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